Multiple investors - International property - Posted by Tony C

Posted by John Merchant on July 18, 2007 at 12:57:28:

First, be aware that the SEC and state securities commissions might take the position you’re selling a security and registration probobably would be required to do this right and legally.

I’ve known several promoters of such schemes and projects who’ve gone to prison because they tried to do it illegally and got caught.

One Seattle area man who’d tried to hustle me and my clients over the years (various investment schemes including “tax free Swiss bank accounts and foreign trusts”, etc.) was extradited to Switzerland to stand trial there for Swiss Bank Fraud.

So just know that government regulators are fairly serious about these deals.

Secondly, nobody can legally use the word “Guarantee” on any investment in this country except USA, for returns on Fed Guaranteeed bank CDs and US Bonds, and your use of the word for anything you might be sellng would be big time criminal act.

Multiple investors - International property - Posted by Tony C

Posted by Tony C on July 12, 2007 at 10:23:02:

I have an international project that might require additional money that I do not have and do not wish to finance.

A. If I find investors, can they be guaranteed to get their money BACK (with likely land appreciation profits) if and when we decide to sell or they decide they want out? Country in question seems to point to “YES”

B. If I start a charitable foundation to help purchase the land and we get donors, who “owns” the land and who gets the money when the land is eventually resold?

Thank you for ANY input.