Multiple offers through realtors - Posted by Kek-NJ

Posted by Kek-NJ on September 18, 2003 at 21:31:22:

An agent I’ve never worked with, but got my name from a friend, has brought me a house, that needs little or no work, listed at or close to FMV. Seller apparently uses it as a rental, and she thinks they’re a tired landlord and may be flexible (it’s not her listing so she’s not sure). It just got listed today so not expiring any time soon.

Frankly I would not even sniff at good condition, listed houses. Since any cash offer would be downright embarrassing. I was going to tell her to call me when if it’s unsold and about to expire. However is there any success with agents if presenting these embarrassingly low cash offers, along with another offering some down the rest as some form of seller carry back? Or am I wasting my time?