My own House as L/P - Posted by Dean

Posted by Nick on September 22, 2004 at 24:04:35:

You can definitely do it; just don’t be hasty. Read the articles on L/P that are available on this site, read some of the posts and accept the fact that you’ll have to learn some stuff.

While the articles and posts are helpful, you’re still going to need some materials to get it down pat. I’d say that Bill Bronchick’s course is the best.

My own House as L/P - Posted by Dean

Posted by Dean on September 20, 2004 at 07:39:04:

Hi All

I own a house now and just refinance it to pay down bills and get the interest rate down.

Now I would like to buy a house that would suit my family a little better with out remolding the house I?m in.

I would like to buy a house and L/P my house I live in now and move in the new house.

Can I borrow money from a bank or do I need an investor or hard lender to do this?

After I refinance and pay my bills I will very low pay outs to bills but not sure if I could handle Two house if some thing happen. Like no tented right away or if they leave/late payment.

Just like to hear from someone who’s done this or has ideas for me.

Thank you.