My roommates left me with the bill - Posted by Alex

Posted by dealmaker on June 20, 2005 at 21:20:27:

Are you still in the house? If so make plans to get out NOW. YOU’RE responsible for ALL THE BILLS. I hate to tell you this, but you’re best bet is to settle today with the landlord for whatever you can negotiate.

Suing is a huge waste of time and money. 99.999% of all judgements against individuals (especially in TX) are WORTHLESS. There’s nothing they own that you can attach so it’s a waste of time and money to get a judgement.


In future NEVER sign any contract with any partners unless you’re MARRIED to them.

Just my opinion.


My roommates left me with the bill - Posted by Alex

Posted by Alex on June 20, 2005 at 03:23:25:

My name is Alex, I am a student, and I live in Texas. My problem is that I signed a lease with three other people, then three months before the lease was up two of the people, who are a couple, left without telling anyone anything. During this time that they left I was in Germany doing an internship and my other roommate was running his dad?s restaurant three hours away. We found out that the couple left through a friend of mine that overheard something at a party. So, we called the landlord to check on the house and sure enough they were gone. Now, I know that since I still have all my stuff there I am responsible for the rent, but my question is whether or not I can get that money back from the couple that left. However, I?m not sure if it matter, there is a little twist in the whole story. A week after the landlord went to the house she received a letter from the couple that had left stating their reason for leaving. The letter said that they had to leave because ?the house was invested with flees due to Alex?s cat.? Now this statement was a lie of course because before I left there wasn?t a problem and I took my cat with me plus I have a written statement from a friend of theirs saying that they left because they were tried of me not letting them throw big (50+) parties. Also, another twist is that the lease said that no pets were allowed, but when I spoke with my landlord after she got the letter she wasn?t upset about me having the cat and not telling her about it. Furthermore, there are about $500 in unpaid bills that they left behind.

So, my question is, can I still get money from the couple for rent and bills or will I get nothing because of the cat I had? Also, the total rent is $1400 and after the couple left I had a friend move in to help with the rent, but he couldn?t pick up their entire share and $400 was left. So my second question is, if I can sue them, can I sue them each for $400 or will I have to split that amount in half?

If it helps the two that left are both students, still live in the same town, and both have jobs.

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my problem and any advice will be greatly appreciated.