My take on the Atlanta Convention?.What a RUSH? - Posted by Ed Garcia

Posted by Fungi on February 29, 2000 at 12:06:59:


My take on the Atlanta Convention?.What a RUSH? - Posted by Ed Garcia

Posted by Ed Garcia on February 29, 2000 at 11:38:04:

My take on the Atlanta Convention?.What a RUSH?

Well, this was my third Convention. It’s funny how when you go to an event like this,
each time it seems better.

I take notice of what each individual gets out of the convention. For those who are
NEW to the business, or have NEVER been to a Creonline Convention,
They get BLOWN AWAY? with the speakers. You can watch them go into overload
with the information being shared. They sort of walk around on a cloud with their feet
NEVER touching the ground.

For those who have been to a previous Convention, they can’t wait to meet with
old acquaintances, and talk about what they have in common, ?..Real-estate investing.
I notice how they talk shop and exchange idea’s from each other, as well as from the
Speakers at the Convention.

The Speakers at the Convention make themselves available for everybody, not only
when they do their round table, but buy drinking in the bar, and talking one on one with
anybody who wants to talk to them.

New Stars are born. I noticed that when I introduced 5 of my previous students, how people
flocked around them, asking them questions to solidify the authenticity of not only my work
shop, but the reality of what you get from the such an event.

I introduced Rob Bush, who has done a deal with $30,000 in it. Hal Roark, who not only has
done three deals where he has made over $60,000 but currently is doing a deal that has over
$200,000 in it. John Butler, who has done a 24 unit apartment building with $170,000
of real equity in it. Jim Rainer, who after he told everyone that in working with me this last
year, he figures he has made1.3 million. And finally last but not least Greg Blatt, who I originally
helped save a $ 700,000 credit line, stands up there and tells how he now has over 1100 properties
and a credit line for $25,000,000 dollars. Poor Greg, after that, he never had a moment to himself.
But to be honest with you, I think he enjoyed it.

As for me, what I got out of the Convention, was to visit with old friends like Jim Piper, Ray Alcorn,
Lonnie Scruggs, and the list goes on. I met with some of my old students like Carol from Fl as you
know her, and her husband Dennis, two wonderful people, who I also consider friends.
a lot of new acquaintances that I hope got something out of the time I spent with them.

Only the other Speakers can appreciate this, but when I go to a Convention, I never have a moment
to myself. They even get me in the bathroom. But to tell you the truth, I enjoy it.

The highlights at this Convention for me was to watch my old friend Terry Vaughan. As a speaker,
Terry’s second to none, I never get tired of watching his wizardry on the stage. To watch him make
450 people take off their shoes and exchange them with others around them just to demonstrate his
point on collateralizing a note. D@mn is he good.

Another highlight was to watch Ray Alcorn for his first time, get up in front of this crowd as though
he had done it a 100 times before, and teach commercial investing in a manner that was digestible
to someone learning it for the first time. To be honest with you, Ray taught me a thing or two.

I found it interesting when I’m talking to people like Greg Lard from Alabama, who is 24 years old,
and who has bought 52 houses in 2 years. When I was 24, I was still trying to decided what kind of
fancy wheels I wanted on my car. Boy?. what a RUSH.

I want to THANK everybody I had the opportunity to share this week end with. I would like to give a
Special thanks to Terry, JP, Jeanne, and the staff of Creonline for what an outstanding job they did
to put on such a Convention. For those of you who participated, you know where I’m coming from.
For those of you that didn’t go, I suggest that you don’t miss it next year. Believe me when I tell you,
it’s an experience that you owe to yourself???.

Ed Garcia

Re: My take on the Atlanta Convention?.What a RUSH? - Posted by JPiper

Posted by JPiper on March 01, 2000 at 18:19:17:

Nice post Ed. Thanks for all the time and energy you spend with all of us…including me. I regard myself as fortunate to call you a friend.


Re: the IDIOT post, GET LOST CULT, Ed Garcia is tremendous - Posted by Bob Hanson

Posted by Bob Hanson on February 29, 2000 at 21:45:08:

Not that your post deserves a response, but Ed Garcia was tremendous as both a speaker and at his round table. Not only was he tremendously knowledgeable and had a bunch of unsolicited testimonials from people he had helped in the past, but you could tell how much he enjoyed sharing his knowledge and helping people. I saw tears swelling up in his eyes as one person thanked him for helping her change her life. This is a guy that gets more satisfaction from helping others, than money could ever give him. You need to get some help, Cult. I doubt you were even there at the conference.
Before my anger at your post causes me to sink to your level, I better end this. Ed, keep doing what you’re doing, I agree with everything you said. This was my first conference and it was truly a memorable experience. Each speaker there was giving from the heart, and it is much appreciated by myself and many
others. It was a tremendous conference, well run and I can’t wait for next years.

Take care,
Bob Hanson

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