My View on the CONVENTION....... - Posted by Ed Garcia

Posted by Nancy Cason on January 25, 2000 at 12:04:42:

This will be my second year. I have been to several seminars but nothing like the CRE convention. As soon as you arrive at the hotel you see lots and lots of people just like yourself. They will have name tags and and you just walk up and start talking.

People don’t scatter at the end of the day like at a seminar, they hang around and talk. The social events and the breakfast also create another opportunity to meet like minded people and that is very important.

Investing, landlording, etc can be lonely. CRE associated creates a community feeling as well as an opportunity to learn.

Ed is also correct the site is addictive. CREonline is my homepage.

Everyone benefits by attending.

Nothing can be better than learning and having fun at the same time. These comments were unsolicited. I just felt like sharing.


My View on the CONVENTION… - Posted by Ed Garcia

Posted by Ed Garcia on January 25, 2000 at 11:12:58:

My View on the Convention:

To answer the first question that I have seen on the news group…

Should I go if I am a Newbie?

The answer: Absolutely



Answer: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, YOU BECOME PRODUCT OF YOUR ENVIORMENT.

Creonline, is not just a internet forum for teaching creative real-estate, it has become more than that.


Once you have entered this field, and participate in the news group, you become ADDDICTED.
You’ll find yourself waking up in the morning, getting a cup of coffee and going to your computer
to check the News Group. (I’m not sure that there’s a cure for this).
It amazes me, how a newbie can be asking questions about real-estate, and then three month later,
their answering them like a Pro.

Why? Because you learn by being part of it.

When attending a Convention, as this will now be my third, it becomes CONTAGES.

You’re there with other Investors and Deal Makers. Dirk Roach will be there, NETWORKING.

You’ll feel the EXCITEMENT and the ENERGY in the air. You’ll meet people from all over
the country, who are doing deals, not just talking about them. You’ll be able to associate the faces
with the names, which is really interesting, because they won’t look like you imagined.

You’ll meet MILLIONARES walking around who started off just like you. And believe it or not
will enjoy helping you, because it makes them feel like their giving something back.

I know of one Millionaire, who will be their that went to my work shop, and he’ll tell you first
handed how he did it. Not because he is bragging, but because he is appreciative, and wants to
share his success with others. In fact there will be another man there who will tell you how he
has made over $750,000 in this last year working with me and people like me.

But the main reason you should go to this Convention is for YOU.

It’s going to be your best opportunity to see if this business is for you, and can you do it.

It won’t get any better than this Convention.

It’s the type of event that, you won’t wonder when will it end, but wish it hadn’t.

When it’s over and time to go home. The experienced investors who attended last years Convention,
will be looking forward to next years Convention.

Why? For one thing they have experienced comradely. They look forward to spending quality time
with Investors such as themselves with no strings attached, just the business as a common denominator.
They feel that it keeps them sharp and up to date, with what going on in the business.
It’s a shot in the arm, a revitalization for them to go into the next year.

For the Newbie’s and Wantabie’s. They leave there with the experience of knowing what they have to do
to become successful in this business.( I’d like to note that everyone of us, started out as a Newbie,
or Wantabie, there is nothing wrong with that.)

But by meeting people who started out just like you, an OSMOSSIS takes place. You not only think you can be successful in this business, but are determined to be.

See you at the Convention,

Ed Garcia