Nation Wide - Posted by Difot

Posted by ScottE on March 25, 1999 at 11:59:41:

Read everything on this site. Money making ideas, Success stories, etc. Ask questions, you’ll get answers.

Good luck!

Nation Wide - Posted by Difot

Posted by Difot on March 25, 1999 at 11:42:27:

I am a member of Nationwide. I haven’t submitted any deals to them for evaluation, I am glad that I stumbled upon this site so that I would not waste my time. I have ordered the W J M course and found it to be complete garbage. I have also gone through the Sheets course but I’m Still a bit Skeptical. Recently I went to seminar that was sponsored by Success Magazine for a company called Home Buyers Training Corporation, they claim to do the same as the aformentioned companies. If any one has any info on this company please let me know. Also if any REI’s are interested in passing the torch to a young, hard working, ambitous person please let me know as well. I am just starting out and live in the Boston area. I wanted to know if any of you successful REI’s would be willing to lend me a hand and take me on as an apprentice.

It is a numbers game - Posted by Jim IL

Posted by Jim IL on March 25, 1999 at 15:01:21:

My wife and I have both read books, purchased courses and attneded the CRE convention. We are lucky enough to have completed a deal, and are now running “full steam ahead”.
We decided that upon returning from Dallas, we would make a minimum of 15 offers per week, and use the “Shot gun” approach.
Well, here it is approx 2 weeks into the process and we have 2 accpeted offers, and we are marketing these homes already with many positive responses to our advertising.
The bottom line is, because we are putting in so many offers, we cannot help but to make a deal or two.
Once we make more cash, we will be in a better position to refine our targets.
We also purchased Ron Legrand’s course material at the CRE convention, and now we can make our offers with a clearer view of what we want to accomplish.
These people here at CRE are your BEST resource, and it is FREE, so use it!
Get over the fear, and you’ll make the deals.
To help eliminate the fear, write up a good contract that allows you to walk from a bad deal, just in case.
Then, when you have a deal, and find out partially into it that it won’t work, you can go away with out a loss.
My advice, is to READ, LEARN, and DO!!
There is no better teacher than experience, and these GREAT folks at CRE offer thier’s FREE.
Good luck and Go get em!

Re: Nation Wide - Posted by Carol

Posted by Carol on March 25, 1999 at 13:16:24:

This is not intended to sound ‘b*tchy’, but have you actually TRIED to implement any of what you have learned? I mean, even on DRY RUN phone calls, on properties you wouldn’t even want or take if they gave you, calling people who will not recognize you in the store if you sound foolish?
You ALREADY know more than 99% of the people in this country.
Please, do yourself a favor.
Don’t try to ‘do a deal’ yet if you are skittish, but DO go through the motions.

As you do, you will find a couple of things

  1. it get less scary
  2. you will get some positive responses.

I love seminars, books, tapes, etc and keep at it every day, but SOMETIME, you have to do act. Otherwise it’s analysis paralysis that sets in and you never get anywhere.
good luck

Re: Nation Wide - Posted by Julia Anne

Posted by Julia Anne on March 25, 1999 at 12:13:15:

I think you will find that rather than “skeptical” of Sheets you are just not feeling fully informed–there are gaps that need to be addressed. Get thee to a LeGrand course! Seriously, stay right here and get bits and pieces but go to the articles and get started. When you are ready you must have all the info you can get.Getting started is the biggest hurdle but don’t start without some education. Sheets can give you motivation to learn more–then go out and learn more from those who have been there.