national real estate investors - Posted by jim

Posted by Linda Simms on September 05, 2003 at 17:48:09:

God help us again! None of these fool come ons to coaching are worth even the paper they are printed on. Just research the archives. Don’t any of you new investors out there believe any one or any Gurus or their management promises to coach you in anything. Stay with this site and do not be fooled. You do not need to throw away your money on any of these coaching schemes and you can learn much more by just stay in with this site and reading everything on it and I mean every thing, not just the postings on the forms but all the other things offered on the side bar listings.

national real estate investors - Posted by jim

Posted by jim on September 05, 2003 at 16:23:31:

I attended a training conference in August in Deaborn Michigan. James Smith was the speaker on real estate. He was trying to sign people up for a 3 day training.I did not because I had never heard of him and it would cost up to $6000. I just received a call from the National Real Estate Investors company. The sales person offered me the elite wealth program for $4000. It included the 3 day trainig on video,software programs,12 weeks of coaching sessions for 1 hour a week and unlimted access to my coach and the reasource line.I was wondering has anyone ever taken this coaching and is it worth it.

Re: national real estate investors - Posted by roger

Posted by roger on September 08, 2003 at 24:48:21:

stay away from these gurus who promise you wealth by mentoring it remines me of a tape i got in the mail back in the early 80s some one talking about how they were going to be a billionaire in one year ( yea from suckers who sent them money to find out how) good luck on investing