Neat desk reviews


Has anybody used the Neat Desk? Any feedback?


Never heard of it. What is a Neat Desk?


I don’t know either, I’ve got papers stacked up to the ceiling.


The shortcomings as I see it with the neat Desk system where you scan everything, at soome point you still have to decide what things are.

The best thinking and processing system I have ever found is David Allens GTD (Getting things done) System. It works to clean up the clutter of the desk and office as well as the clutter of the brian/mind.



Illegal ad?

If this is an ad -you know if it is or isn’t- please delete or I’ll probably do it for you.

If you want to post ANY ad here give JT Vaughns’ office a call and
pay the going rate.


It was not intented as an ad, feel free to delete it. I have nothing to sell, except houses. I am a full time rehabber, running a couple crews and a lot of other “life projects” and the book “Getting Things Done” was the best book I ever read to help me set up systems of dealing with massive information overload and figure out how to keep the runway clear for production, growth and expansion.

After re-reading it i can see how it could be interpeted as such.

I have used a lot of different systems to try and figure out what works, I was just trying point out to the guy who has a desk stacked to the ceilings with “undecided stuff” that scanning all the information into a computor is not the solution to gaining control and perspective…