Need a little help - Posted by LeonNC

Posted by michaela-CA on May 16, 2007 at 18:17:23:

see, who pays the taxes, if there’s an address.

go to and click on the social security death index. check for the deceased owner. Write out the birth and death date, where he died. Then go to your local vital statistics office (if he died in your state) and get the death certificate with the info you have. Some states allow you to buy it as a 3rd person, I don’t know aobut NC. I actually have talked the Alabama office into giving me the deatchertificate, by telling them that I have located aproperty in the d3eceased’s name and I’m just trying ot find the next of kin, who now own it. If I don’t know who they are, they will lose the property. They actually helped me, even though it’s against their rules. In Georgia I always paid $ 10 for the death certificate. It will show you the informant, who’s most of the time a relative.


Need a little help - Posted by LeonNC

Posted by LeonNC on May 16, 2007 at 17:27:29:

I found a house in foreclosure that will be going to sale in less than two weeks. Not much time left.

The owner has been deceased for two years. The house has two mortgages where the final payoff date has expired but there are no satisfactions recorded. And there are two other mortgages that total about half the value of the house.

I also found a judgment against the deceased for $9k. Is this judgment still valid?

I would say a title search would be needed before putting any money into this deal as a purchase. I’m currently looking for family members who may have been making the payments on the property.

I’m interested in aquiring the judgment. If the judgment is still valid, how can I approach the institutional type of lender to get them to sell? I’m aware of the risks and I’m not inclined to pay much for the judgment unless I’ve got my ducks in a row.

I’ve also got buyers I know if I can figure out what’s going on with the property and locate somebody who has authority.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

Regards everyone,