Need Advice on a Questionable Tenant - Posted by Larry K-AL

Posted by speednxs on April 19, 2006 at 18:29:26:

The bad thing about leases is that it protects bad tenants and (punishes good tenants). When the lease is up you can give him 30/60 days notice or raise his rent 50%. This is pretty much the same as saying get out. If you do not need to state a reason for him to leave, don’t. This is typical for month to month agreements.
If you break the lease you will have to state a reason. Judges seem to love paperwork. Get pictures, police reports, handwrite notes, just put it on paper and file an eviction notice.
Expect your tenant to lie and have never ending excuses.
Sorry this is happening to you.

Need Advice on a Questionable Tenant - Posted by Larry K-AL

Posted by Larry K-AL on April 19, 2006 at 15:53:02:

I have a tenant that I screened well before approving. He’s been in my house for 3 months. I have complaints from the neighbors about suspicious acivity. The police have been once and arrested his friend on a warrant. I warned him that he may be evicted if there was additional trouble/complaints. I also questioned him about someone living in the basement (not on the lease) which he denied. I think someone is probably living in the house but he denies it and Im trying to prove it. I want to be careful because it would be my first eviction and I want it to stick. Is the police coming to the house and complaints from the neighbors enough to evict? Should I show up at 11:00 pm to prove their are unlawful tenants?
My lease states that no disorderly conduct, disturbance of neighbors, unlawful activity, etc is permitted.

I’ve Got 50 Questionable Tenants - Posted by Jimmy

Posted by Jimmy on April 20, 2006 at 07:29:00:

all tenants are slime in my opinion. but I’m a jaded landlord in low income areas. I see it all. two arsons. many tenants hauled off the jail for an assortment of misdeeds. hookers and dope dealers and crackheads. 3 dead tenants, one of whom had the audacity to die in my unit. tenants can destroy properties faster than a tornado. To be fair, I also have some pretty good tenants. But the best tenant will turn on you given the wrong circumstances.

here’s the deal: you cannot throw out a tenant based on suspicion. that’s not the American way. You may see a steady stream of young men coming and going to you lady’s apartment, each man staying 30-45 minutes, and you may be convinced she is a hooker. but that ain’t enough. or you may see a steady stream of people coming and going, spending 5-10 minutes each. almost certainly a dope dealer. again, not enough.

Here’s what you do. Call the police department and report the suspicious pattern. Give details. Tell the tenant you reported the activity.

and one more thing (from the lessons learned file). Ask the detective NOT to kick down your door if he wants in. Tell him you have a key and will let him in.

Re: Need Advice on a Questionable Tenant - Posted by Mike-OH

Posted by Mike-OH on April 19, 2006 at 19:00:35:


Unfortunately, you probably don’t have enough to evict. Judges usually want PROOF of a lease violation for an eviction to stick and even then won’t always rule in your favor. If you suspect illegal activity, document everything and keep calling the police/drug task force, etc. Make frequent trips to the property to check things out. Keep the pressure on. Tenants conducting illegal activities don’t like people watching them. Take pictures of suspicious people. Write down their license numbers. Turn these over to the police.

We only do month to month leases with all our low income tenants and any SFH tenant that I am the least bit suspicious of. That way, you can just give them a 30 day notice to leave.

If you really want them out but don’t think you have something that will hold up in court, here’s a little trick that I often use. On the day that the rent is due, give the tenant an eviction notice with as many violations as you can think of and then immediately ask them for the rent. I guarantee that they won’t pay it. Now you’ve got a cause for eviction that will stick!!!

Good Luck,