Need advise - Posted by Ray

Posted by Joe Kaiser on April 11, 2006 at 20:37:56:


You’re close but no cigar.

This particular approach is old, tired and ugly. It consumes time,
energy and vast resourses (your $$$). To do what . . . fix up a house?

Bad, really really bad.

Fixing up houses is a lot of work. Do whatever you can to stay out of
that thinking (and business path). It’s for fixer guys, not investors in a
hurry to get paid (my particular choice).

You’re close, but you need to deconstruct what’s happening here (no
pun intended . . . well, maybe), and figure out how to do exactly what it
is you’re intending (the getting paid part) without doing all the hard
stuff (the fixing up part).

I suggest it’s all done with a blue pen.


Need advise - Posted by Ray

Posted by Ray on April 07, 2006 at 11:24:59:

Ok here is the scenario. I have found an investor that will pay in cash for the property and my partner and I would have to pay for the renvations and then profits would be split 50/50. I have a great realtor, but is there something specific I should be asking my realtor to be searching for. We all agree that we want a “simple” haha flip for the first one to see how things work out. Any advise from someone who has been in a similiar situation or have advise…all and any will be welcomed! Thanks!