Need an lawyer asap!

(No, am not being sued…just want to be safe!!)


I am looking for a Real Estate attorney that can assist me in doing several things. I am a somewhat new investor but have bought a lot of properties since 2009, different types even apartments, but i really feel uncomfortable without having a lawyer sitting on my side. One that can check my leases, contracts, or i can call for legal real estate questions.

I also need help in switching some of my properties names out of my personal name into my LLC name. I own some free and clear and some with bank financing and another with land contract by owner. And to add to it all i have some in 2 different states.

Yes am a mix :-)! Can anyone help me please to become more legally comfortable! Good referal welcome! I live in Georgia (Savannah).

Thanks much,

There are many good lawyers for property issue and problems in Georgia. You can find them quite easily. One of my friend told me about Kate Dodson Strain, he said that Kate is a very good lawyer with their clients as well as in the courtroom.
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Get appt take ample cash

What you want is certainly available IF you’re ready & willing to pay what a “by my shoulder” capable lawyer needs to charge…and my guess is $2500 or so upfront would certainly be a nice retainer for a professional who could do you some good.

Or see if you can find some hungry kid just licensed who’d work for peanuts and who might or might not be of real help.

I know its really late to post this but for anyone still looking for a real estate lawyer in Dubai, you can visit Al Saadi advocates. I had a dispute over a land was decently solved by them and their fees was also pretty reasonable.