Need Facts, is there a WEB site - Posted by Kevin

Posted by Andy on March 31, 2001 at 20:02:30:

I would also suggest finding the closest Real Estate Investor Association and attending every meeting you can, even if you have to drive 2 hours!!! You will be amazed at all of the things you will learn from both nationally recognized speakers and from seasoned investors. Good Luck!

Need Facts, is there a WEB site - Posted by Kevin

Posted by Kevin on March 27, 2001 at 09:22:40:

Ok I want to get started with real estate investing, and the books I’ve been reading are great and this Forum has helped. But is there a good WEB site that describes the different ways of buying real estate and then flipping it or lease with option to buy…etc. Or should I get in touch with a mortgage lender… or how do I find an investor in the area (Detroit metro area) that is already in the business to learn from. I think that I understand real estate fairly well but I need to learn the specifics, such as if you’ve got a house that you can purchase at any time and have a buyer, do you have 2 closings? if so then I also pay for closing costs, right? do I work with a mortgage lender at all? If I do then don’t I need to get preapproved for a loan? or do I just have one closing with eveyone there? or if I decide to do a lease with option to buy where can I get forms that I can modify for my personal use? I’ve learned a lot from reading books but there are specific things that it seems that they don’t really cover.


Re: Need Facts, is there a WEB site - Posted by JohnBoy

Posted by JohnBoy on March 27, 2001 at 13:46:43:

All of your questions have been answered on the MAIN NEWSGROUP numerous times and a lot of them go into specific details. Just type the word or words of the subject you want in the “Search Archives” section just above the newsgroup and every post made pertaining to that subject will come up.

As to contracts and more specifics you can get all you want from the courses that are sold here at this site. Just click on the link that says “Books and Courses” on the left hand side at the top of the main page.

Bill Bronchick’s course, “Nuts and Bolts of Real Estate Transactions” has ALL the forms, contracts, notes, deeds, mortgages, etc., that you will ever need!

Here’s the direct link to that course and it will describe everything you get. This is a MUST have for anyone serious about being in this business.