need hard money, 25 properties half price ! - Posted by steve

Posted by hardmoney4u on September 17, 2003 at 17:02:00:

Steve, break down your cost on the rehab - factor that in with what you “assume” to be the future value, that’ll give you a start. email for more details, I would be happy to entertain this and assist in the funding

need hard money, 25 properties half price ! - Posted by steve

Posted by steve on September 14, 2003 at 19:04:42:

I have a chance to buy 25 properties that the bank has a note on for $675000. They will sell them to me for $350,000 they are being forclosed on and the bank does not want to deal with them or sell them off one by one. They were all owned by one owner who had them as rental property. About half of them are currently rented and two are duplexes and one is a triplex. The half that are not rented are in decent to bad shape and would need rehab. They are ready to take a hit on them and get rid of them but im not sure what all options I have or what the best thing to do is ? I know this could be as blockbuster deal either flipping some of them and keeeping good ones to rent out, wholesaling some of them etc etc… this is and would be my first deal…I have no money and no experience. I would be willing to split profits with any one that could walk me through or take the deal and give me a percentage. This is a serious offer and it have no idea how long it will be here. Please contact me by calling 615-400-1135 ask for steve

Re: need hard money, 25 properties half price ! - Posted by steve

Posted by steve on September 18, 2003 at 23:23:07:

As i thought, this deal went before I found this website, the origonal funding I had, fell through because the investor did not want to take the risk. He is in commercial real estate and was going to rent the homes out and have me manage them but decided this deal was not for him at the last minute. I called the foreclosure dept and the told me that they were set to close this month. They could not tell me the price but it was way less than $350,000. That made me sick to my stomach. Sorry I did not find this site a few weeks earlier. Someone could have made tons of money and I could have learned how all of this works. I have access to all mls listings in my area and stay on them daily, if I find more good deals, is there anyone interested in funding and actually doing the deals and giving me a percentage until I learn all this and have the money myself ? I am willing to sit back and watch and make a finders fees until I am “seasoned” call me at 615-400-1135 or email me at
Thanks !

Re: need hard money, 25 properties half price ! - Posted by James C (NC)

Posted by James C (NC) on September 16, 2003 at 22:59:43:

Steve, I will be more then happy to give you a call
Granted I am not an expert , but I have tried to buy several properties as a package… You will run into some issues with trying to do this, Most lenders look at this as a commerical deal… And just about all the deals that are sold as packages of more then 3 stay on the market for an extremely long time, until the seller actually breaks downs and sells them one by one…
But anything can happen , let me know whats the best time to call…
I am eastern. and work 3rd shift…