Need Help --- - Posted by Andre

Posted by michaela-ATL on October 11, 2003 at 16:15:20:

There’s no problem with getting death certificates in Georgia (if he meant, that his property is in ‘GA’ Georgia)


Need Help — - Posted by Andre

Posted by Andre on October 11, 2003 at 01:50:49:


I really appreciate all the great advice given on this site and was hoping maybe someone can help me with some guidance. I found a great abandoned property in GA sitting on 22 acres. THe house is trashed but fixable and the land has a lot of potential but the address on the tax rolls is outdated even though the taxes are current. The estate of the late owner seems to be the owners but not having any luck figuring out how to find them. Is there another search vehicle or source besides the county tax clerk’s office for finding the owner of an abandoned property or another way to purchase these properties if taxes are current (I was hoping for a tax lien)–property has been vacant for 3 years since the former owner passed.

Thanks in advance for any guidance on sources or search vehicles–all I have is a name and an old address on the county tax rolls.

Andre in St Louis

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Posted by Atlanta_bob on October 11, 2003 at 20:49:51:

Folks often recommend finding a “skip tracer” and having them track down the current address/location of a person. I’ve never used a skip tracer, but others swear by them, especially investors who need to locate a HomeOwner who has abandoned a property that is heading into foreclosure. As always, see if can locate a “skip tracer” in your city and give them a call.

Micheala’s advice looks pretty good too. . . . especially if the original owner died and the property is now owned by the heirs.

Good Luck.


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Posted by michaela-ATL on October 11, 2003 at 09:21:19:

are you in St. Louis or Georgia? If in Georgia, then go to the probate court in that county and search. If probate has been done for the owner, then the heir’s names and addresses are in the records. You can go from there.

If you’re in St. louis, then go to and search the social security death index, find birth and death dates. Then go to and buy the death certificate. It has an informant’s name and address on it, which is usually a relative.

Good luck


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Posted by Kevin-ATL on October 11, 2003 at 16:00:17:

Why do you recommend probate court for GA and rootsweb for St. Louis? Won’t both work for either state? Also, sells vitamins, not death certificates. I checked as well… and got a holding page and nothing else.

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Posted by B.L.Renfrow on October 11, 2003 at 14:51:16:

Michaela, looks to be a site selling vitamins or something. And I thought many, if not most, states won’t sell copies of death certificates to just anyone. Am I incorrect?

Brian (NY)

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Posted by michaela-ATL on October 11, 2003 at 16:13:32:

He said, that the property is in GA, which, to me, means 'Georgia. Rootsweb will give him death stats in any state. If he’s in Georgia, he can just go to probate court and get the details. IF he’s in St. Louis, then he’s a little too far away and will have to order the certificate via email.

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