Need help with comps - Posted by Sebastian

Posted by Russ Sims on January 22, 2001 at 24:39:53:

In my area all the title companies do comps for free. Give a few of them a call…I think you’ll be surprised at all the services they offer.

Need help with comps - Posted by Sebastian

Posted by Sebastian on January 21, 2001 at 19:15:19:

Would i be able to do my own comps via the court house? If it is possible can someone please tell me the procedure.

Re: Need help with comps - Posted by Jim IL

Posted by Jim IL on January 21, 2001 at 22:04:53:

This is just my opinion of course, and I’m sure that others will offer some other ways to accomplish the same thing perhaps.
But, in my opinion you’d be better off befriending a RE agent/broker, an appraiser or someone at a title company to run comps for you.
After you work some deals, and perhaps put some cash in the pocket of some of these people, you may be lucky enough that they will allow you to use there MLS access.
This to me is a more efficient use of your time.

And, having said that, if you really want to do your comps yourself, you could goto the recorders office and look up recent sales data as well.
I just know that in my county getting this info is tough, because you don’t really know where to look, or how to determine what homes to look at.
You’d need to know ahead of time which homes had sold and then look them up at the recorders office.

And, as many of us here do, you can do a preliminary comps searh online using “Title advantage”, data quick and Yahoo.
These may not be totally accurate, or give you all the info you may require, but they will produce a list of recent sales that you can drive by to see if they match the home you are looking to get a value on.

Jim IL