Need help with Mobile Home question. - Posted by Mark

Posted by Bill K. - FL on February 02, 2000 at 15:42:59:

Mobile homes are a different animal from RE. Most states require some kind of license if you buy and sell. You need to educate yourself about the business if you intend to pursue mobile home investing. Check out your state statute web site for laws concerning MHs. There are several good authors on this site with good money making stategies. Educate yourself first,
otherwise pass.

Need help with Mobile Home question. - Posted by Mark

Posted by Mark on February 02, 2000 at 15:01:23:


I received a call on my “I buy Houses” ad. It is a women with a really nice triplewide…2000sq. Ft. Mobile Home. It is worth 70k she owes 44k. For personal reasons she is willing to walk if I can find her a suitable place to rent.

Here’s the Problem:

This is a large Park with new Management. It is an over 55 year old only Park. I called them to check on their Policies regarding me buying Mobiles in their Park. The manager said to put my request in writing and they would have to go to upper management to get it approved. I wrote a very polite letter telling them that I am a Real Estate Investor and that I am getting calls from people with Mobile Homes in their Park and that I would like to find out what their Policies are. I told them in some instances I would be bringing their lot rents current and cleaning up the home for Resale so I feel it would be a good win win for both of us.

Well today I get a call from some women who grilled me about having a Liscense and do I do this alot etc. I told her I didn’t need a liscense to buy and sell my Own Properties and she told me I did if I was going to do this with Mobiles. I told her to send me this law but she acted like she was going to turn me into the authorities or something.Who would she turn me into…IRS for Dealer Status or something?

Do I need a Liscense to buy and sell my own Mobiles? I am in Southern Cal.How can I get around these people if I still want to buy in their Parks? What are the laws regarding this? This freaked me out abit because I have never actually done a deal so I’m winging it here folks!!

Help me pleeez!