need info on Gov't grants for sen. homes - Posted by Shawn Ryan

Posted by Derek on September 18, 2003 at 11:57:54:

I’m glad to hear from you…

There are some effective questions you need to answer to be sure you are capable of this type of venture, such as:

Have you written a proposal and business plan?

Did you have a thorough goal for establishing this program?

Are you up to handling the task which comes along with your project?

Do you have the proper resources and tools to carry out this project and know what the expenses are?

Are you experienced in this type of venture or do you have someone set up to manage it?

How will you cover expenses if you don’t recieve the full grant amount or are rejected?

Did you do market research and survey a list of potential clients who will be interested in participating?

Have you spoken with city officials about zoning laws and health related issues?

Yes! There is much to research when you are seeking for grants from the government or private foundations…These are the questions which they will drill you with in order to see have you done your homework…Nevertheless, your dedication in how passionate you are about your baby project gives you the drive and motivation to take action, by any means nessecary…Yes…

Here are some helpful strategies I picked up along the way:

1.Surf the web or go to the library

2.Find grants which deal directley with seniors

3.Attend grant courses and workshops

4.Take down clients names which desire to become interested in your program and send that list of names along with your proposal

5.Act immediately and follow through step by step

6.Stay persistent and don’t react with disappointment or depend too much on other people

7.Send thank you cards to everyone that assist you, especially the government assistants which you will need to open doors for you

If this has helped you any, please let me know…I’m always glad to hear from you…STAY ON FIRE!

Left you a little treat:

need info on Gov’t grants for sen. homes - Posted by Shawn Ryan

Posted by Shawn Ryan on September 15, 2003 at 14:23:00:

I am purchasing a 1.9 acre 6bed, 2 bath state funded senior housing, and a 2 bed, 1 bath home, residential. Business and property I got for $225,000.00 with seller financing for $75K of it. There are grants for these purchases. Anyone know how to get them?