Need math book recommendations - PV, Yield, etc - Posted by Larry (Oh)

Posted by JHyre in Ohio on February 25, 2001 at 16:26:59:

Haven’t read that sort of thing in a while…last time I did was when I was taking Finance courses back in Undergrad. No particular title emerges from the recesses of my memory from those days…probably has alot to do with post-Finals alcohol binges designed to snuff out brain cells. I’d hit a university bookstore (e.g.- SBX or Longs in Columbus) and get a basic finance course book. NPV, Time Value of Money, etc. are the bread and butter of such books.

John Hyre

Need math book recommendations - PV, Yield, etc - Posted by Larry (Oh)

Posted by Larry (Oh) on February 25, 2001 at 12:46:53:

Good afternoon all. First off, thanks in advance for all of the advice. Especially Carlene, Karl and Blane so far who’ve e-mailed me help so far. I’m never surprised that people are helpful, perhaps since that is in my nature also, but it’s always reassuring to see it in action.

I’m a newbie who’s read a borrowed copy of Deals on Wheels and am ordering Lonnie’s course and books this weekend. Unfortunately, my university business courses have been so long ago that the math isn’t fully clicking again yet. Can anyone recommend good math books dealing with present value of money, yields, etc so that I can get my skills back up to par.

Thanks, Larry (Oh)
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“Invest in Debt” by Jimmy Napier? - Posted by lyal

Posted by lyal on February 27, 2001 at 07:59:10:

Just one that comes to mind. Seemed to lay things out for me. Also maybe one of Terry Vaughn’s offerings on the site here would explain a lot.

Re: - PV, Yield, etc - Posted by JD_TX

Posted by JD_TX on February 26, 2001 at 04:16:50:

Larry, I’m not sure what you are wanting to do. But, if you are interested in getting comfortable and good with the financial calculator, then I would recommend Jon Richard’s “Calculator Power” and “More Calculator Power”. Excellent instruction and you will get a workout using N, I/Y, PV, PMT and FV. Geared to the note business and of course works in any business concerned with time value of money. You will not be disappointed. Plenty of exercises. Jon Richards is one of the hosts of the “Cash Flow Forum” on CRE Online. The books can be purchased from CRE Online at: OR from Jon’s website

Hope this is helpful.

Re: Need math book recommendations - Posted by Richard(WA)

Posted by Richard(WA) on February 25, 2001 at 18:21:17:

Hmmm…Years back I wanted to know that stuff too. So what I did was go to the big downtown public library and I asked the librarian where I could find a book that has the mathematical formula for amortization and such. She had to do a bit of thinking, then pointed me to their reference section–they had some biiiig books of amortization tables–kinda the size of the Unabridged Oxford Dictionary. Turns out that in addition to the amortization tables, the book had a short section showing how they calculated all the tables–even showing the formulas for present value, future value, amortization, all that stuff. I just photocopied those few pages and that was exactly what I needed.

Another time, a friend gave me a business calculator, free. Only problem was it didn’t come with no manual, so I was kinda stumped on how to work the thing. So I called around some used bookstores and one of them had a book on how to operate financial calculators–one of those books was just what I needed.

You could probably also find the formulas you need on a web site somewhere, if you do a web search, using a search term like “amortization formula”, “PV formula”, and so on. There’s also a website, that specializes in answering all kinds of questions. It might lead you to the info you’re looking for.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile: