need moble park space - Posted by Darlynn

Posted by Darlynn on March 06, 2001 at 11:24:20:

you all seem very knoledgable, here is my dilimma i live in california bayarea,fremont san jose area . manufactured home go for arround $200,000 here for a small rent from 700-1100 a month. you can buy a home from the manufacturer brand new for a couple hours away for$60,000 all set up if you had space to put it on. but there is no space available here. The real estate people buy up the old mobles and tack that price plus a substanual amount on to your new home. How can i find a space before the realestate people buy them up and tack on a extra 100,000 plus to the price,i would like to buy one but just cant see paying 200,000 for something worth $60,000 if you have any ideas on how i can go about finding a old one to pull out let me know

Thanks Darlynn