Need quick advice! - Posted by Justin

Posted by Eric on March 31, 2002 at 22:08:18:

Owner financing! Negotiate a deal with an owner to hold the financing. Check out the paper, you should see a few “BUY LIKE RENT” or “RENT TO OWN”, which is your basic lease option agreement.

Or you could even pick up the phone and start calling actual houses for rent. And tell the owner you’d like to rent his house then add in the question, “If I rented your house Mr. Owner for a year and had timely payments, would you consider letting me buy the house from you?” If Mr. Owner says yes, you’ve got yourself a lease option.

Need quick advice! - Posted by Justin

Posted by Justin on March 30, 2002 at 23:04:57:

Events have occurred within the past week that might force me to purchase a home. I’m 21, and living with parents for a few months. Problem? $1000 to my name. I do have a friend who would be willing to put me up for a few weeks. I’m sure to be stuck, but as a last ditched effort, thought I would run it by everyone. Is there any possible way to structure a loan, mortgage, etc. to help me out? Any advice on talking to banks? I do have someone with excellent credit to co-sign for anything. My sincere thanks for anything you have!