Need some positive feedback - Posted by Shawn Corchero

Posted by Jim Rayner on January 19, 2000 at 10:16:30:


i am an investor working in markets similar or even tighter than yours. Deals can and are done here regularly with substaintial returns. The thing i appreciate the most about this site is that the pro’s here are willing to share their knowledge. Even i rely on them when i’m stuck and not yet have any of them turned me away. If you think you have a deal that you would like analyzed post enough details that the pro’s can evaluate and i’m certain that they will respond i’ve been there …done that and its has been a significant benifit in both the completion of deals and the realization that there wasn’t a deal to be had. So if your think your stuck give the creonline cummunity a try, they won’t let you down.

Need some positive feedback - Posted by Shawn Corchero

Posted by Shawn Corchero on January 19, 2000 at 24:10:34:

I am currently trying to get started in real estate investing. The real estate market in my area is quite high, $220,000 Av. sale in county, but then so are the rents, $1400 MO. AV. for a 3/2. My difficulties are comming from trying to find reasonably financing. I have found a few owners who are willing to take back a mortgage but even then the market is so good they want a minimum of 20% down on a $365,000 property (11 unit). I do know the many different methods of creative financing, I have read the course I have 6 times to be sure and read all I can find. I feel I am suffering from some level of analysis paralisis, I just need some positive support. Thanks.