Need to sale our mobile home ASAP!!!!!! - Posted by Hilary Brown

Posted by Ed Copp (OH) on January 07, 2001 at 15:42:35:

You mention a Realtor. Do you have a listing agreement or some other kind of agreement with this realtor. If you do, you will probably obligate yourself to a commission due and payable to the Realtor. Check this out first before you attempt a sale on your own. While you are at it you might ask the Realtor to explain thier efforts in the attempt to sell your home, and if you do not get a satisfactory response you should ask that the listing obligation (if there is one) be released so you can proceed to find your own buyer.

Now as far as problems like divorde, and “can’t make payments” go I doubt that moving will solve the problems. Perhaps you can solve them, good luck.

Need to sale our mobile home ASAP!!! - Posted by Hilary Brown

Posted by Hilary Brown on January 07, 2001 at 14:53:19:

We haven’t had any luck trying to sale our mobile home…our realtor is not helping in any way to make this any easier. We need someone to buy this now…
Does anyone know of any companies who buy homes from people with many problems like vancancy, divorce, can’t make the payments anymore, had to move immediately, ? We really want to be able to buy a home now, but we are stuck with our mobile home payment and lot rental payment…

If anyone has any thing to help us …please let me know


Re: Need to sale our mobile home ASAP!!! - Posted by William(AL)

Posted by William(AL) on January 07, 2001 at 21:31:15:

Where is it located? Whats a realtor got to do with it?
Did ya sign a contract? Lots of people have to get out from under their note and it’s hard enough if you’re under pressure because of time, but if you advertise willing to let someone with fair credit to take it over with nothing down, sometimes you can find a buyer, but it’s gotta be to the buyer’s benefit. What would or could you do to make it beneficial to the buyer? A realtor’s got to make a commission so they up the price of the home above what you’ve absolutely got to have and sometimes it’s fair, but with mobile homes that’s rare. Usually the resulting price is far too much and no one in their right mind will buy it.