Negative experience with Carelton Sheets - Posted by Mel Pennington

Posted by Shawn J. Dostie on June 22, 2003 at 19:31:52:

#1 I didn’t buy the course because I trusted him. I bought the course to see if the information he provided could help me. It did.

#2 I believe he sold the marketing company, and as such has no control over their methods. Unfortunately, other than the course itself, which is pretty basic, I believe that the other products for sale are waaayyyy overpriced, especially the mentoring.

Oh happy day.

Negative experience with Carelton Sheets - Posted by Mel Pennington

Posted by Mel Pennington on June 19, 2003 at 13:22:53:

In February, I ordered the CS NMD course. I was in the process of retiring and moving to another state. I have been an engineer for 40 plus years and wanted to experience something different. REI seemed interesting enough after watching the CS infomercial. I placed the order and the telemarketer told me it would be something less that 300 bucks for the course and would be spread over four payments. The material arrived and I scanned it before packing it away with the rest of my stuff.

Now, three months later, I am relocated and unpacked. I noticed that the payments for this course have totaled more than 500.00. I called the CS billing and was told that I ordered a lot of extra stuff. This was simple not true and told the person that their telemarketer never mentioned anything totalling almost 560 bucks. I said the figure was something like 279.00 over four months. I told the person there was no invoice with the order I received and none subsequently sent. This is the first company that I have dealt with on the Internet that does not provide a summary of what was bought. This is also the first company I have delt with that I could not reach a compromise. It reflects a lack of integrity on the principals in this company.

This stuff was still in the original shrink wrap. I ask to returned the stuff I did not order and they refused.

Subsequently, I have searched the 'Net and found some eye opening information regardng CS and some information, if followed, may lead to serious legal issues and even potential jail time.

I say, in my opinion and without predjudice, this may be just a way to separate a fool from his money. This fool was certainly separated. The next course of action I am following the state AG where they are based.

Has anyone else experience such problems?

Re: Negative experience with Carelton Sheets - Posted by Dennis Reedy

Posted by Dennis Reedy on August 23, 2003 at 23:27:57:

I was told that the cost of the program was around $59 (they never said that meant $59+ a month for almost a year). And I was encouraged to take a “look” at another investment program that was “free.” (It was, for the introductory package; but I was billed almost $100 for a year’s subscription). I got a royal run-around and rude treatment over a dozen+ phone calls and finally packed EVERYTHING up and sent it back to the company. They got it all yesterday (Thanks, US PS for your excellent tracking software). If this isn’t settled within the month, PA’s Attourney General AND our Lawyer will be contacting the Sheets’ Empire!

Re: Negative experience with Carelton Sheets - Posted by Brenda Whittaker

Posted by Brenda Whittaker on August 06, 2003 at 02:10:31:

If you want legal action support for class action, let me know, because I was scammed out of a lot more than $500. They robbed me blind. I plan to look into legal action, but am unsure where to start.

Re: Negative experience with Carelton Sheets - Posted by Matt

Posted by Matt on July 15, 2003 at 18:47:33:

Nearly the same exact thing happened to me. They sent things I did not order, charged my cc for them. No invoice in the box! I called my cc company and caught the extra charges that way. The info I got was generic at best.

Re: Negative experience with Carelton Sheets - Posted by Sandy

Posted by Sandy on July 09, 2003 at 16:02:53:

I ordered the course and then when I saw the cost I called them back before the free trial was over and explained that I just couldn’t afford that (like $300 and some dollars) so they offered it to me for half price and I excepted. I think it is definitely worth all that I paid. Since ordering the course I have ordered many other REI books on ebay and have spent easily as much as the Sheets course, but so far none of them have been laid out in a study format and including all the cds, too, I think it is a good deal. I have read and studied the course several times and am still studying it. It covers a lot of tertitory and helps to even get you organized with forms and even a computer toolkit. I haven’t found this kind of help in any of the other REI books I have purchased (though they have all helped me). When you are paying for an education it is not cheap.

Re: -------------- - Posted by James Mc (IL)

Posted by James Mc (IL) on June 28, 2003 at 03:17:59:

Check this out!!!

Your not the only one - Posted by Jim Henderson

Posted by Jim Henderson on June 19, 2003 at 20:05:27:

He also swindled me like this.

The most aggravating part, is knowing I paid way too much for an over-hyped product, when there were cheaper and more effective ones available.

Re: Your not the only one - Posted by Mel Pennington

Posted by Mel Pennington on June 19, 2003 at 21:11:27:

Why am I not surpised. If enough people can come forward perhaps a collective effort to the AG of the state this comming from could net results.

It really hurts to think I am paying for CS’s affluence. There is no honesty in the world today.

Re: Your not the only one - Posted by BrokerScott (Mich)

Posted by BrokerScott (Mich) on June 21, 2003 at 19:19:41:

Bought my course about '95 but bought it through Nightingale-Connant. never had a problem but thought even then that a lot of his techniques were passe or unrealistic. just my .02 Scott

Re: Your not the only one - Posted by Jerry Martin NC

Posted by Jerry Martin NC on June 20, 2003 at 04:07:09:

How strange. I bought the course, paid what they said, used it for the last seven years and am making a good living buying real estate with no money down. Makes you wonder what the difference is.

Re: Your not the only one - Posted by OIa

Posted by OIa on August 05, 2003 at 23:50:33:

You are the first person I have run across which had something good to say about the course. Are you actually making a living. How long did it take you?


Posted by TIM DAVIS on June 20, 2003 at 10:02:40:


Re: DOES IT WORK - Posted by Brenda Whittaker

Posted by Brenda Whittaker on August 16, 2003 at 13:57:20:

There is no possible way to buy no money down from a bank. You have to buy from an owner who will carry the mortgage, or use a partner’s money.

Re: DOES IT WORK - Posted by BrokerScott (Mich)

Posted by BrokerScott (Mich) on June 21, 2003 at 19:16:36:

Buying a home for yourself with nothing down is a since if you have acceptable credit. Buying real estate for investment with a bank loan get easier once you have a couple. you can buy with as little as 5% down but personally if I’m going to go conventional, I prefer 10% because you can get conforming rates. Additionally I found that my couple of 5% down mortgages got passed around like a hot potato for the first couple of years. Not a big deal except getting the escrow accounts to keep up with all the transfers. (Not to worry about, just a pain) But I digress. Here’s an idea if you are single. Find a house for yourself and get a roommate. Live there for a year and look for another, move out,have former roommate rent from you. Repeat process. Bad credit? Well then its time to start fixing it. One way or another the piper eventually gets paid. What you have done lately creditwise counts for more than misdeeds of the distant past. Hope this gives you some food for thought. Best, Scott

Re: DOES IT WORK - Posted by RichV(FL)

Posted by RichV(FL) on June 20, 2003 at 19:20:10:


As usual Jim is correct. REI books and courses should not be used as cookbooks but used as guidelines.

Mold the strategies and techniques to fit your situation. And then get out there and make things happen.

Keep reading and studying and remember its not money that makes money its education.

Great Success,


NO! it doesn’t! - Posted by Jim FL

Posted by Jim FL on June 20, 2003 at 16:29:13:

First things first…turn OFF your “Caps lock” key.
Typing in all capital letters is commonly thought of as YELLING online.
It is also VERY hard to read your post this way.

Now, to answer your question: "Does it work?"
The short answer is “No!”, the CS course, or ANY REI course for that matter does not work.
REI Courses, books, bootcamps, seminars, discussion boards are there to provide you with information.
A reference for techniques and strategies for buying and selling houses.

The WORK part, that is up to you.
I’ll let in on a little secret here though.
Most of the people who buy an REI course NEVER buy one property.
Because this business ain’t easy, and sadly, most folks who buy “The course” think that all they need to do is red it, and instantly, their financial troubles and worries will be behind them.
Sure, you MIGHT be able to go out and stumble around, making several tens of thousands of dollars.
But, if they don’t break the bad habits that got them into dire financial straights in the first place, will they be able to keep/use any of that money for long?
Probably not.

Study, read, learn, listen, and apply.
Do all of this, with consistency and persistence, and results should follow.

Good luck,
Jim FL

Re: NO! it doesn’t!-Not the Point! - Posted by Linda Simms

Posted by Linda Simms on June 21, 2003 at 08:30:32:

Your missing the point. The person was ripped off by the Sheets organization by selling him more than he agreed to. This is a common practice with this and other outfits. The organization, not Sheets, makes their extra money by up grading or up selling an additional amount, which the the purchaser never wanted and certainly does not want to pay for. In the long run they are only doing themselves in, as the word gets around and it will come back to bite them. They should cheerfully refund the overages and bolster their reputation, not degrade it. Sheets is also guilty by association, since it is his sales and the organization he set up to market him. Many so called Gurus have run afoul of the law this way and have been convicted or are pending criminal action.

follow the thread - Posted by Jim FL

Posted by Jim FL on June 21, 2003 at 17:21:20:

I did not respond to the original post here Linda, but to a response to it.
The person above, “Tim Davis”, asked whether the program works or not?
I responded to that, as you can see in the thread here, they way it lays out.

I have not had a bad experience with ordering the course from CS, and it has quite frankly, been years since I purchased my copy and shelved it.

Your response would perhaps have been more appropriately pointed to the original poster in this thread.
I caught the point of that one, and decided to not respond, because I have nothing to add.

Have a nice day!
Jim FL

Re: follow the thread - Posted by Linda Simms

Posted by Linda Simms on June 22, 2003 at 09:20:08:

Yes, unfortunately sometimes threads go far afield and off the subject that the starter intended. The point still is the originator was not discussing why and if it works, as we all know it can or will not, depending on whether or not the buyer works hard enough to make it work, but the fact that he was ripped off by the organization that sold it to him. I would think almost anyone would have a comment on that situation. If you are sold a bill of goods for something you did not order, it might be a good signal that something might be wrong with the goods themselves. If this was just a one time occurance, that would be one thing, but when it happens over and over well----. Have a nicer day!