Network Marketing - Posted by Dale

Posted by Dale on May 09, 2007 at 18:52:53:

I was looking at what the cost of buying a house with a cashflow of 200 per month. If you buy say a 200K home with 20K down and a 180K mortgage a PITI payment is 1400 per month. Rent on a 200K home in my area is about 1,295 per month. So leverage is not working well there. Now I understand about being creative and buying a home at a discount and maybe buying subject too existing loan that maybe I can get it cheaper.

Now if I can find a home around 120K which is non existent in my area of Florida I can get about 1100 per month and a PITI payment of around 875.00 so I assume that their is a cashflow.

So you can see what I was refering too about 200 per month in cashflow. I was given a presentation of 200 cashflow per month residual income. It got me to thinking about cashflow.

Just an idea.

Just for your info this is not an attempt to bash Network Marketing. I am an investor. I was just looking at the corellation.


Network Marketing - Posted by Dale

Posted by Dale on May 09, 2007 at 11:46:47:

Network Marketing
Wanted to get an opinion. With the real estate market being slow I have been looking at alternatives of cashflow. I look at what it takes to make 200 per month. Its hard for a house. If I have money in the bank I could get 5% and make 200 per month. Just wanted a few ideas.

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Posted by Jennifer-NC on May 09, 2007 at 18:38:26:

You would have to have $48,000 sitting in a 5% savings account to make $200 a month in interest. If you’ve done your homework, it’s not that hard to buy a property that will cashflow $200/month. How many deals can you do that will each cashflow $200/month with that much capital? More than one or two. A little cash lets you leverage alot of real estate, which could earn you a heckuva lot more than 5% ROI.

What does your question have to do with network marketing, anyway?