never ending flow of education. - Posted by Tony

Posted by Ronald * Starr(in No CA) on September 21, 2003 at 15:58:32:


I think Robert Allen does not provide anything special in education. There are many other investors who are real estate investors and from whom we can learn more. Robert Allen is extremely good at promoting himself and marketing materials. Should I ever see some of his recent materials, I will evaluate and post about them. But there are more educational materials on Real Estate Investing than anybody can have time to study and apply.

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never ending flow of education. - Posted by Tony

Posted by Tony on September 21, 2003 at 24:38:15:

Carlton and many others that achieved success in RE investing speak a lot about how they never stop educating them selves and expanding there minds to become better at what they do. And they also talk a lot about how they always have something playing on their cassette players as they drive, which makes since. Because everyone out there that lives a busy life as I do knows how hard it is to sit down and read, or study any kind of course material when you got kids yelling, trash over flowing, dishes that need to be washed grass needs mowing cars need oil changes bills need paying…(welcome to the American dream). So courses and self help material on audio is a great way to learn, learn, and learn. Especially if you spend a lot of time in your car. But the only problem is that they never give out the names of the persons that help the self helpers (if that makes any since). I?ve played Carlton?s CD’s out completely. If I hear his voice in my car one more time I?ll probably go crazy!! So if any one has any suggestions on who they might be listening to, would like to know who and where to buy it. But if it cost over a hundred $$, forget about it. I’ll get a membership at the library for the blind before I pay that much. Than-x fo the info,


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Well, of course, Carleton has reason to encourage people to listen to tapes in their car. He is hoping they will buy more of his courses on tapes.

However, I do listen some that way myself.

You should check the public library for tapes on real estate investing that they may have. Or that they might get for you through interlibrary loan.

Also, hit the local thrifshops about every two weeks. You never know when you will find a mint condition tape set from some well-know guru.

Check out e-Bay auctions. I have set up in “my e-Bay” a search for books with “real estate investing” in the title or description. With a minus kiyasaki so I don’t have to see those offerings. I have bought many books and tapes on this source.

I paid less than $10, including shipping, for the 16 cassette tapes of Carleton’s “No Down Payment” program. Not much printed material with it and no “quick start” video. But I don’t need that. Just last weekend I got some written material of his at the flea market. Along with a vintage Ed Beckley Nothing down course–he of the high-pitched voice. Right, paid $2 for them. Actually, the vendor had only $2 in change for my $5 bill, so I had to take a book too. Got “Desert Lands,” or similar name, with lots of nice pictures. I love the SW USA deserts.

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Your posts are very enlitening and upbeat for REIs. This is the first time visiting this site and I don’t have your take on Robert Kiyasaki. Why are you not interested in his material? Thanks/Todd

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Posted by Willie on September 21, 2003 at 14:48:29:

Why did you just take a book on Robert Allen, there is some who post here who think you need education on him?