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“Commercial Real Estate: Operational Due Diligence”

 Operational due diligence on an income property is
 relatively easy and provides a baseline for the
 projected expenses for a buyer's first year of
 ownership. The numbers speak volumes--if you know
 how to listen...

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NEW Blog Articles

“Get in the Game with Other People’s Money (OPM)”

 This fourth installment in Jim Ingersoll's blog
 series focuses on financing strategies that make
 "short-term" investments easy to finance.

 By using private lenders instead of "hard money,"
 you can get in the game AND keep more profit for

“9 Essential Clauses for Your Purchase Agreements”

 First, you should keep your real estate Purchase
 Agreement short and simple. If the contract is too
 complicated, the seller may say no.
 That said, here are a few indispensable clauses
 you should consider including in your Purchase

What’s Hot for 2012 - On Demand

 Listen to my recent interview with Phil Pustejovsky
 and Peter Harris, two top real estate trainers who
 will be teaching you at the CRE Online Real Estate
 Success Summit.

 It's all about: What's Hot for 2012 in Residential
 and Commercial Real Estate Investing.

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