New Mexico - Posted by Robert (ID)

Posted by Josh MA on February 08, 2001 at 08:41:42:

I might be interested if you can give me some Details on the Homes you can get my Direct E-mail from this Post go ahead and E-mail me with the Details and we’ll talk

New Mexico - Posted by Robert (ID)

Posted by Robert (ID) on February 08, 2001 at 08:25:29:

Are there any investors in New Mexico?

I have a couple of Manufactured homes on foundations, with 5 acres, that the sellers want to do a lease option or a PACTrust.

Any takers?


Re: New Mexico - Posted by Robert (ID)

Posted by Robert (ID) on February 08, 2001 at 15:12:34:

1 property is in Fruitland, NM The other is in Aztec, NM

The Fruitland property is:

3 acres with Manufactured home. 3/2/2 w/large office 1865 Sq.Ft. Plus
2.5 acres with 16X80 Manufactured home 3/2 no garage, Rented at $425.00 (says it could be rented for $750.00-$900.00) Plus
12X56 Trailer, rented at $350.00

Asking $150,000.00 Package Deal
Payments $690.00 PITI $348.00 & $257.00
She would like to do a L/O or PACTrust. If you make the payments, taxes, insurance, maintain and upkeep.

She can not move until June 1st.

The Aztec property is:

4.86 acres with a 2000 manufactured home. 3/2 No garage
Loan balance $117,000.00
Payments - 1050 PITI
Just take over the loan balance and make the payments.

I have not negotiated on these at all. These people were referred to me by my first L/O deal (sellers) Who think I am the greatest (BIG HEAD)
They are willing to work with someone in the area, but want to make sure that I get my 2 nickels. (They like me!) Thats the deal, any takers?

Robert Imeson

Re: New Mexico - Posted by Paul NM

Posted by Paul NM on February 08, 2001 at 11:20:40:

There are a couple of us here :slight_smile:

If you will post their approximate locations I can probably give you some idea of values. If they are within 50 miles or so of ABQ I could go by and take pictures the next time I am near them. If they are south of Moriarty the pictures will have to wait until the roads dry out :slight_smile:

Paul NM