new roof needed...any ballparks? - Posted by chris

Posted by jason on April 07, 2006 at 16:41:43:

If flipping the hosue, you can snag all the materials for that home for about…oh…500 bucks or LESS. Yes, 500 or LESS. the rest is labor! Do the tear off yourself, the decking yourself, and lay the felt. that’s all EASY. Then pay someone 30 bucks/square to shingle the roof…that’s put you under 1000 bucks.

new roof needed…any ballparks? - Posted by chris

Posted by chris on April 06, 2006 at 17:51:14:

I looked at a house that severely needs a new roof. The damage inside somehow was contained, so there is not much interior costs for the repair(4x4ft area shows mold.)
What type of costs for a 2 story, 3 gables on the home run? Home inspector threw a number of 8k, but that seemed high. it is only an 1350 sq ft 2 story, so the coverage is just over 675 sq ft, but with 3 peaks in the roof. It is not fancy just a 1920 home. I expect the 4x8 ft wood to need replaced on the whole roof, not just shingles, and there is 3 layers of shingles.

Roofing Materials - Posted by Jimmy

Posted by Jimmy on April 07, 2006 at 07:40:42:

If this is a home you are likely to re-sell quickly, pick materials which will help you unload the property. maybe anything will work, or maybe an upgrade will be worth the investment. I do not like composition shingles, but they are everywhere in my area. and they look great for a few years.

Generally, I hold properties for the long haul. I made a decision a couple of years ago to abandon comp shingles, and go to metal. There is a metal building material outlet near me called Metal Mart. Occasionaly, they get a truckload of “seconds.” slighly off-color, or a cancelled special order, or an odd lot from the mill, whatever. This stuff is discounted sharply compared to “firsts.” I buy up enough materials for any roof jobs I am anticipating for a 6 month period. Bottom line: for about 20-25% more than a comp roof, I can put up a metal one with the second materials. and that roof ain’t going nowhere for 30-40-50 years.

I don’t get any extra rent for the metal, but I avoid a re-roof job 10-12 years down the pike. and when i do sell a property, the metal is viewed VERY favorably.

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Posted by dealmaker on April 06, 2006 at 23:04:30:

Asking the price for a roof is like asking “how much is a car?”

  1. It’s labor intensive, in TX labor is cheap, NO ONE has worker’s comp insurance and a LARGE percentage of the houses aren’t subject to building codes or inspections.

In NY, MA and other states, labor is VERY HIGH, worker’s comp costs for roofers can run as much as 40% of payroll (or so I’ve heard).

  1. Many places have BUILDING CODES and INSPECTIONS. I’ve never seen a place with either of those that would allow THREE layers of roof. In fact a lot of framing won’t support that much weight, so you’re looking at a TEAR OFF, again that’s labor. Depending on what the bottom layer is (wood shingles maybe) you may have to DECK the entire roof, not just the bad part.

  2. Any REPUTABLE (ie; licensed, bonded, insured) roofer is going to charge more for a two story than for a one story.

  3. Roofing is like a lot of other things in construction, 99% of it is (borderline) mind numbingly repetitive. That would be laying the “field” shingles on a basic roof plane with a 4/12 pitch.

The key to a good roof is knowing how to do the details such as, starter course, working around openings, working dormers and the valleys where they adjoin the main roof, ridges and rakes, vents etc.

I’ve done about 30 roofs in my day, one as recently as a year ago. This despite the fact that I’m now 58 years old. When I did my first one I was earning close $65K/year (this was in 1990), but I did it because labor was about 70% of the cost, I had the time because I could work a few hours morning and evening and know the work wouldn’t get hurt by sudden rains and most importantly because one I’d studied roofs I realized something:



Re: new roof needed…any ballparks? - Posted by Jim FL

Posted by Jim FL on April 06, 2006 at 18:26:48:

I don’t know your location, as I’m sure prices for roof jobs vary by area.
However, I’ve done a few roofs, or re-roofs (tear-offs on most), over the last couple hurricane filled years.
Here, there was/is a line to get them done, as all roofers seem busy, and supplies sometimes slow to get.
However, shop around, and get a few estimates.
For the size/style house you describe, which I just did one of, but only one story, my estimates went from $5500 to $8000, with an extra amount per sheet of wood needing replacement.

So, I’d say your numbers are in the ballpark, but definitely get a few estimates, and check references.
Don’t pay all in advance either.
I either buy the materials and pay labor upon completion, or the roofers put the supplies on their accounts, and get paid for everything when the job is done.

Good luck, and check your newspaper classified ads for roofers as well.
It’s not rocket science, just hard work, so many folks are in the business, at least around here.

Take care,
Jim FL