newbie, doesnt know where to go from here, help - Posted by Len(nyc)

Posted by Lilldiva on April 18, 2000 at 08:23:49:

Hey guys,welcome to REI Heaven. If you tab onto the left of the screen under Resources/REI clubs and type in NY you will get a listing for your area…see ya there!Good luck investing!

newbie, doesnt know where to go from here, help - Posted by Len(nyc)

Posted by Len(nyc) on April 11, 2000 at 08:33:15:

Hey everyone,
I guess Ill be considered a newbie, I brought the carleton sheets course a few months agao, and have recently finished it ( I havent had the chance to read it over though). My next step was to come to this site and many others and read everything I could get my eyes on. So now Im at the point that I know a little about a few things, and I think I want to deal mainly with ?flips? and/or L/O.
So where do I go from here, well Im waiting to join a real estate club here in NYC, they meet at the end of every month. But, I don?t like to just wait, I feel like I don?t know what else to do now. Im reading articles, but maybe I should obtain some books , in regards to what I want to focus on, any suggestions?
While reading the course it had mentioned to start to meet people such as realtors, bankers, title companies, to familiarize myself with them and vice versa. My only drawback is that I really don?t feel confident in what I should tell these people or if they are going to take me seriously. I have thought that maybe I should find a property with a motivated seller, obtain it, and then at least learn from that and be able to speak from experience. But, as evereyone knows the fear is always there, on wheter or not I put myself in a debt or situation that is over my head.
So I guess what Im asking is when people were in my situation, what did they do next, I don?t mind learning some more, but after reading article after article , a lot of times Im lost at whats going on, if any can give some guidance or some real world experiences , I would appreciate it.

Re: newbie, doesnt know where to go from here, help - Posted by JimNYC

Posted by JimNYC on April 11, 2000 at 13:39:46:

Hey Len,

Where is this RE club in NYC? I’m new to CRE also and would like to attend a meeting or two.



Re: newbie, doesnt know where to go from here, help - Posted by Lisa

Posted by Lisa on April 11, 2000 at 12:37:25:

Greetings, Len, and welcome to the wonderful world of real estate investing!!! My advice to you is to get out there and start making some calls. Get a feel for the market in your area. Use the phone scripts and start asking questions. Even start going out and looking at some properties. Familiarize yourself with the questions that sellers are going to inevitably ask and be prepared to answer them honestly. Use this time before the next rei club meeting for some real world experience. That way, when you go and meet other investors, you’ll know exactly what questions to ask. Best of luck to you. And most of all, enjoy yourself!!