Newbie flyer question - Posted by Kira

Posted by Lydia on August 19, 2003 at 20:59:14:

I also thought of hitting mall or restaurant bathrooms and taping flyers to the inside of the stall door. I know some companies sell fancy advertising for that spot, but where there isn’t anything, why not stick up a flier?

Newbie flyer question - Posted by Kira

Posted by Kira on August 17, 2003 at 21:30:24:

What is the policy of putting flyers to find motivated sellers in newspapers? Are you allowed to put them in the ones in the store? If not what has been the best way for you? Thank you!

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Posted by Brent_IL on August 17, 2003 at 23:24:58:

Yes, it is illegal.

The newsstand price for a newspaper pays for the cost of distribution. Newspapers make their real money from advertising. Companies pay big bucks for the right to have their ads stuffed into the newspaper. The newspapers are placed on consignment; the company still owns them. When you go around and insert your flyers without the newspaper?s consent, you are depriving them of rightful revenue. They will sue you in a heartbeat, they’ll win, and their lawyers will make sure that the judgment against you is large enough to deter others. Bye, bye, real estate investment.

Re: Newbie flyer question - Posted by Kira

Posted by Kira on August 18, 2003 at 12:17:42:

thank you for the info! What do you think is the best way to distribute them?

Re: Newbie flyer question - Posted by Brent_IL

Posted by Brent_IL on August 18, 2003 at 17:20:22:

This another cut-and-paste page from the outline I started for my wife. This info might apply to flyers.

More traditional forms of CRE advertising have a lower initial cash outlay because they are not labor-intensive.

Nationwide, bandit signs produce more calls per dollar than any other form of advertising because of lower costs. Visit Tim Randle?s web site at for all the information you will need to launch a campaign.

Flyers are the second most productive avenue of advertising.

Business cards with your contact information, an essential part of any form of advertising, should be liberally distributed throughout your purchase areas. Leave a few of them everywhere you go and any place that people will see them.

Some places of business will let you put a flyer in the corner of their display window or tape one to the front of the counter. I used laminated flyers for this to avoid fading print from sunlight.

Post the flyers on any bulletin board that won?t take them down immediately. I wouldn?t care if they were removed eventually, as long as they remained on the bulletin board long enough for a number of people to view the flyer. I can put another one up tomorrow.

I don?t hesitate to tape a flyer to the mirror, towel rack, or hand dryer in public restrooms. I always have flyers and double-sided tape in the glove department.

Large stationary machines like soda machines, propane tank cages, water venders, and the refrigerated ice bag holders located outside of gas stations and convenience stores like White Hen, or 7-11, are fine places to tape down flyers. I?d use the laminated flyers here also. It?s a good idea to ask for the owner?s permission.

You can use transparent Contact® or large clear tape to attach a business card to light posts or the poles that have signs for bus stops.

Public telephones get a flyer on the inside of the enclosure. A phone booth gets two, or more; one on the wall that is visible to the one using the phone, and the other(s) taped to the door or wall so it?s visible to those outside of the booth. In our experience, a sign with tear-off tabs and holders of loose business cards don?t fare very well because people use the cards to write down phone numbers.

You can stand at the entrance to a large popular church, mall, or stadium, and pass out your information to those on their way out.

Cards can be left on seats assessable to the public, such as benches at bus stops and in parks. You can also leave them on the seats on buses, subways, taxies, church pews, and in traffic court. Hmm, it just occurred to me that bankruptcy court might work out even better.

Some investors have targeted neighborhoods by advertising in church bulletins.

Supermarkets usually have a rack for patrons to advertise using standardized ?Good Neighbor?-type advertising cards. Plastic pouches can be purchased, or you can get an old paper envelope and cut off the end piece to form a pocket about 1? high and 3? long. Write ?Take One? on the courtesy card. Center, and use a glue-stick to glue the envelope to the distinctive green and yellow courtesy card used by the store. Write your message on the envelope or just glue a business card to the front. Stop by occasionally and fill the paper or plastic holder with your business cards. Bring additional holders and a Magic-Marker in case one has ripped.

The consensus among creative real estate investors who use the classifieds successfully is to avoid major newspapers with their expensive advertising rates and to spend your advertising dollars on ads in Penny Saver-type publications. Reportedly, you get more calls per dollar spent.

Check out long-running classified ads. Copy their elements of style and content. People will not continue to run ads that don?t pull a good response.

Regardless of your advertising method, you need to spread the dual messages that you buy residential real estate directly from owners and that you can close quickly throughout your buying area.

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Posted by js-Indianapolis on August 18, 2003 at 16:33:05:

What houses do you want to buy? Deliver to those houses. Then, the only people that will call are in houses you want. Either in the newspaper box, or somewhere NOT ON OR IN the mailbox. Behind the flag is still illegal, and the USPS has been cracking down.