Newbie learns... - Posted by AW_(WI)

Posted by Dave(WI) on March 13, 2002 at 21:14:51:

Where in Wisconsin are you located. I’ve been doing Lonnie Deals for about 2 years in Kenosha. There’s about 4 of us from this site that have been getting together in Milwaukee. Looks like everyone will be getting involved in Lonnie Deals.

Maybe we can help to answer any questions.


Newbie learns… - Posted by AW_(WI)

Posted by AW_(WI) on March 13, 2002 at 16:03:31:

finding buyers is not nearly as difficult as I thought. I placed a test ad in local rag last week and have steady amount of calls from buyers. I post this to help any others in my position. Biggest issue is finding motivated seller and getting a deal, then a buyer. I am amazed at how potential buyers are basically begging me to help them get a place. I have a couple of feelers out on places that I can get VERY cheap. People calling me could as well if they just put in the effort. I know there are potential pitfalls, but must say that the plan laid out in DOW is pretty much accurate. My biggest concern now is to make sure I have enough capital to close deals to finance after the initial few. I am sure you will be seeing my pleas for more help soon. Thanks all.