Newbie Needs Advice - Posted by Dino

Posted by Dino on March 18, 2002 at 20:53:52:


Go to the library and request every book on real estate investing you can find published in the last ten years. Read the first ten you can get your hands on. You will get a few good ideas from each book. Pick the five ideas that get you the most excited then go do it.

It is a sad fact that far too many newbies spend years reading and no time doing. Get out into the marketplace and do some deals. This is where you will learn the most.

Profits are always faster and usually higher on fixer uppers than on new construction.

I will answer ten specific questions you have. Fire away.

Mike Oldfield
Author “Real Estate Investing for the Average Joe”

Newbie Needs Advice - Posted by Dino

Posted by Dino on March 13, 2002 at 17:03:05:

Which program(s) or course(s) are considered to be the “best” or “best value”? Here is some background information and what I think I want to do! I’m 42, married and interested in either building new single family homes (one at a time) on lots that I can purchase “below market” or rehabbing fix-me-ups that can be purchased with very favorable terms/prices. I am not a very good carpenter but I can sub-contract a very experienced carpenter/builder at very reasonable rates or partner with him on projects. My wife works as a doctor and I stay home with the kids, but they will both be in school full-time in the fall. At this time in our lives we are just starting to get our financial footing after a late start. Initially, it would be ideal to get into a “no-money-down” or “low-money down” financing arrangements. Based upon this information, which courses or “systems” would you recommend that I start out with?

TIA for any and all suggestions,