Newbie needs assistance - Posted by Finley

Posted by Joanne on May 14, 2000 at 07:54:08:

I am a newbe, just like you, but since you say you need cash flow, my suggestion is: go to and read that also. The arrangement offered there is interesting, hands on, and it could well apply to the property you have found. And, of course, remember that the key is the motvation of the seller.

Newbie needs assistance - Posted by Finley

Posted by Finley on May 13, 2000 at 23:44:38:

Hello everyone,

I found this site about two days ago and have been reading every article, guide, and success story.

Today (Saturday) I just happened to be visiting some relatives, and saw a sign in front of house stating it was for sale by owner (possible motivated seller).

Talking with my relatives revealed the following:

  1. The owner has purchased another home and is REALLY looking to unload this property.
  2. The owner is asking for $25,000.

I walked around the outside of the property; the house has several rotting boards. Peering in through a broken window, the how did not have any major problems that I could detect, old furniture and it also has a garage apartment that is leaning. I know my relatives paid near $60,000 for their home. I know another family in the area paid near $59,000.

My problem is that I am starting from scratch; I need some immediate cash flow. This deal appears, appears to be a prime flip candidate. I would like suggestions on what to look for on inspection, I plan on taking a ?handyman? with me, but in the event I can not, any ideas would be helpful.

Thank you for your time,