newbie question on LeGrands course...... - Posted by Riley

Posted by Jennifer on March 06, 2000 at 19:27:26:

I, myself, am a newbie and just bought LeGrand’s wholesale/retail course last weekend. I have completed the course and have already started making offers for my first deal. His course has been a wonderful tool for learning and understanding the step by step process of wholesaling. I certainly recommend it! Like you said, when you do your first deal it will pay for itself. However, a lot of situational questions have come up now that I have started the process of looking for properties and making offers. This newsgroup and investors from your local REI club will be a great source for answering those kinds of questions. I learned a lot from LeGrand’s course. I think you should get it! Good Luck!

newbie question on LeGrands course… - Posted by Riley

Posted by Riley on March 06, 2000 at 18:17:35:

I’m new to the real estate investing business and I have decided to start out by doing flips to build up some capital. Question: I’m interested in buying LeGrands course wholesale/retail cash flow system…it is a bit more than I wanted to spend but if it takes you through the entire procedure and provides the adequate documents it would pay for itself in one deal…I’d like to know if anyone has taken this course and how you feel about it and if you haven’t are there any other courses you would recommend? Thank you for your time…

Re: newbie question on LeGrands course… - Posted by josif

Posted by josif on March 07, 2000 at 21:54:39:

I recently attended a $1600.00 seminar that was located in San Diejo Ca. The administrator was Russ Whitney (not in person of course). We went over a lot of different ways to purchase homes with “no money down”, “wrap arounds”, “flipping and assigning” ect.ect.ect., but we were not allowed to tape the information only hand write it down. the least they could have done was given us more information on the hand outs. The books and materials we received focused on how well he’s done and what his camps could do for us for just a mere $7000.each or $28,000 for the whole ball of wax. I felt totally taken advantage of because I felt that we paid to get directive information that would be in printed and verbal format and all we got was basically another seminar. Question, is there a good host that gives you the tools you need for your initial investment or do they all charge for the sizzle and trap you for the meat? Don’t get me wrong the information was great but three days of writting everything down was not my idea of training. I now sit here fumbling through pages of information that I wrote down and canfind no rhyme or reason. Please direct, show, advise, teach, or help. Thank you