Newbie Question - Posted by Bev (CAN)

Posted by Bev (CAN) on May 20, 1999 at 11:19:51:

Okay - now I’ve found a house listed with a realtor and have found out that the house has been vacant for about 6 mo, owned by an older couple (seventies),asking price is pretty high 178,000. but really nice 2story, 3bdrm + den, well kept, 7yrs old.

If I wanted to try to offer a Lease Option - do I make this offer to the real estate agent or go to the owners? If I go through the agent - how do they collect their %. Does the offer have to include an amount down to cover the commission?

Actually there are two houses here - one vacant for 6 mo the other for almost a year. And another - only vacant for 2 mo but owners moved to States and are very motivated.

We live in a small town (6,000 pop) where houses often can be listed for a year before selling - but ones with really good prices sell fast.

Still learnin’ Bev