Newbie Question - Posted by NB(ID)

Posted by SusanL.–FL on March 30, 2000 at 15:22:23:

Sign them up RIGHT AWAY if they are interested! Don’t let a potential buyer get away!

If the community is that ‘unique’, “buyers” may be far and few between. So–STRIKE while the iron is hot!

That two-week time-period that you want them to wait (to ponder their purchase) could very well be spent shopping around ELSEWHERE for a house.

If you sign them up immediately, they’ll be spending that time thinking positively about “their new home”.

In real estate, you should try to keep things moving along quickly–otherwise the interest may die out.

P.S. If more than one is interested, take a ‘back-up’ offer!

Newbie Question - Posted by NB(ID)

Posted by NB(ID) on March 29, 2000 at 21:57:44:

We’ve put our house up for sale and on April 7 & 8 will have an open house. We live in a unique community (company town) six families live here.

During the open house we’re not going to accept any offers to purchase at that time as we want people to think about the purchase and be absolutely certain they want to make an offer. We’ll make a due date two weeks later to have offers in. (People either love our location or hate it. Many women won’t live here because it is very remote.) Also, when we bought the property in 1991 we had to sign a piece of paper that said the company we bought the house from has the first right of refusal to buy it back. (We’re the first family to sell our property since the 6 families bought in 1991.)

My question–would it be a good idea to have an “Offer to Purchase Contract” on hand to send away with people who come to the open house or should there be a different form? (We live in Idaho if that makes a difference.) We’ve had 5 people so far express interest in attending our open house.

Thanx for your input–Angels on your body:)