next Pheonix? Portland? - Posted by John Stamper

Posted by eric on April 19, 2000 at 23:23:06:

May I just say, I totally second this motion. Harry Dent does truly kick ass. I notice Kiyosaki gets a lot of kudos on this board, and that’s fine - his stuff is pretty good, but Dent is the most compelling financial author I’ve read since Charles Givens, or basically the last 10 years. Concise, on the money, a proven track record, and insight coming out the wazoo, I not only loved the information, but also the mentality. One of my favorite quotes, for the “day trader” set - “Don’t Live to Invest - Invest to Live”.

(P.S., to John Reed and all the other Givens’ detractors, take your best shot, and I will defend his work to the last. The “settlements” he made resulted from GROSS misinterpretations of very specific advice. His works changed the very course of my life, for the better. But I digress.)

next Pheonix? Portland? - Posted by John Stamper

Posted by John Stamper on April 19, 2000 at 24:49:05:

Robert Kiyosaki and John Burley moved to Pheonix 10 years ago when the market there was in bad shape. Finding motivated sellers was like shooting fish in a barrel. They bought when everyone else was selling and got in cheap cheap cheap.

I have been thinking about this for a few days now and I have been doing some research trying to find out what cities are at their “bottom” right now.

The overall economy is good, but i can’t help but wonder if there are still a few places out there that are down right now and just about to move up.

RK says on his tape set (secrets of pro investors) you are looking for “cheap” and “change”.
cheap houses and a change about to occur.

I was wondering what indicators John Burley and Robert Kiyosaki used to determine that Pheonix was “the place to be”.

I would like to study today’s market and try to find where the next opportunity is.

Does anybody out there have any insight or information on what cities in the U.S. are on the down side right now…
or what indicators are the most important to look at to determine that a city is at the bottom of a trend?

Thanks to all who respond.

And thanks to all who contribute this amazing newsgroup.

I have been lurking around for a few months now and I want to express a sincere appreciation to all of you out there who share information and advice so freely.

I hope to contribute myself and try to give something back as I increase my experience and knowledge in this business.

john stamper

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Posted by ray@lcorn on April 19, 2000 at 11:14:24:


I just read a great book on this subject. The title is “The Roaring 2000’s” by Harry S. Dent ( The book is geared toward the economy in general and is heavy on stock market information, but there are three or four chapters specifically on real estate… Dent believes that there are nine types of boomtowns that will emerge this decade. He explains his thinking in a very non-academic way, then goes further to give examples of dozens of specific locations that are poised to boom around the country, and how to spot others. He also predicts a 35,000 Dow by 2008, then a long economic slowdown from 2009- 2023. Very interesting read.

He also has several other books and a newsletter service, but I have only read the above. I have “The Roaring 2000’s Investor”, a follow-up volume, on my table as my next read.