Niche - Posted by Scott

Posted by CarolFL on April 13, 2000 at 17:44:27:

Scott, would highly recommend John’s video course (and the boot camp … kind of a package deal)… He (it) gives you an eye-opener into the world of “curing the ills” in notes … and the tools to work at it until it all makes sense.
Check out the banner above referencing the Paper Game.

Of course, there are posts galore here, and articles both here and on his website:

Have fun!

Niche - Posted by Scott

Posted by Scott on April 13, 2000 at 14:42:26:

I am glad to see that people with your experience take time to respond to individuals questions on The Paper Source. It helps me and others a great deal. I am sure you get contacted by a tremendous amount of “newbies” in the note business who ask for your advice.I have completed a seminar on the note business back in the summer of 99. When I was taking the 3 day course I noticed a response you had made in August 1999 about how you do very tough deals. I had asked the instructor about tough deals and they said to stay away. I have been following the instructors guidelines on where to find notes but with little success. The ones I have come across have been the “ugly” ones that no one wants to touch. The institutions want clean deals only, and I feel as though the Brokers are not taking me seriously anymore. I know there has to be a niche for me in the ugly paper because it seems as though nobody in my area is doing anything with it. Because I am green, I need to be proficient in finding the paper and then having the ability to see a deal where others would pass it up. I guess the best way to compete is to not compete. I am very curious and anxious to learn more about how you find and do the tough deals. I know there are plenty of these deals out there, as I would like this to be my niche in my area (Philadelphia). If you have any time to respond to me with any guidance, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much!!