NNN Portfolio? - Posted by Jeff

Posted by Jeff on March 15, 2009 at 06:39:17:

I want to thank you all for your responses. The loan
numbers were just an idea of possible interest rates.
I am negotiating the purchase price down 10-15% plus
closing costs. With all these"100%" loan companies out
there, which would you recommend? Looking into 75%
standard and 25% hard with int only for 5yrs due in
15-20 amt over 30? I appreciate the help.

NNN Portfolio? - Posted by Jeff

Posted by Jeff on March 08, 2009 at 12:51:03:

I am looking into acquiring 7 properties to start my
portfolio. My question is: If total price is 15.1M with an
NOI of 1.45M giving me a DSCR of 1.4(based on 100% for
30yr@5.5%)and a average CAP of 9.9. All tenants have 8+yrs
remaining with annual increases. I know in multi-family
purchaser can ask for reserve monies, can this carry over
into NNN properties and if so, how much.

Thank you

Re: NNN Portfolio? - Posted by Mike

Posted by Mike on March 14, 2009 at 05:34:30:


See what other NNN properties have sold for in your area. Yes I know they should be based on the cap and DSCR but for instance here in Pittsburgh, I had a friend just pick up a building with an Arbys in it for $350,000. Based on the numbers he should have paid $685,000 on it.

Im hoping your not paying full price for this portfolio and that they are all not the same company. If the business goes under then so do you, unless you are getting a non-recourse loan which is what I would be aiming for.