No CH&A in Texas - Posted by SteveW(TX)

Posted by d.henderson on February 18, 2000 at 10:53:14:

Hello Fellow Texan
The houses that I have that don’t have central air and heat are a LOT harder to move. You can’t get as much rent from them. If you’ve made a really good deal then I would put the air and heat in, but if it is a marginal deal, then expect to hold it longer before you can move it. The people with the better option money or better credit always want central air and heat. Just another tip: make sure that the location is good. I buy only in locations that I would live in. Just easier to move the houses. Remember you make your money going INTO a deal, then the other is gravy. smile
Good Luck,

No CH&A in Texas - Posted by SteveW(TX)

Posted by SteveW(TX) on February 18, 2000 at 10:27:12:

Okay, I’ve started making phone calls today, and found a what I think is a good deal in the form of a 3/1 w/2living areas in town. The agent said it needs paint and new carpet and list for $49K. It is owner occupied and owned free and clear, the owner even has another property she rents out down the road. The question I have pertains to the AC. It does not have CH&A, just a window unit and I am wondering how does this affect the value of the home and ease of reselling? I haven’t personally looked into it, but have heard installing CH&A can be very expensive. This is my first deal I’m working on after months of phonephobia and would like to hear from the seasoned vets as to whether or not this should be that much of a consideration.

Re: No CH&A in Texas - Posted by steph in tex

Posted by steph in tex on February 19, 2000 at 08:17:31:

here in austin- you better have CH/CA… it’s just that simple.
now I know people that don’t-and they SWeat it out-- but I always go with the AC. Man it gets HOT here!!
If you’re anywhere near Austin–be prepared to give cash back for AC at closing. EVERYBODY trys for that.
But if you’re talking a lower end property- you might get by with the combo units–Several of them- but by the time you put in 3 of those (near 1K a piece)- you’d have your chca.
My advise would be to call around and get some bids- the greensheet has some guys that are pretty cheap.
you might be suprised. check it out and if there’s any way you can get the CHCA–do it.
my .02
steph in tex