no money down /Orange County-So.Calif. - Posted by Jeff McCleary

Posted by Mike Holt on January 06, 2001 at 12:45:50:

Interested in Property in area of map book page 737

no money down /Orange County-So.Calif. - Posted by Jeff McCleary

Posted by Jeff McCleary on March 05, 2000 at 14:26:33:

I want to here from others in the Orange County area of Southern California who are using the Carlton Sheets program or another “no money down” system to purchase houses in Orange County. I purshased the C.S. program a year ago and started to pursue finding “no money down” or assumable loan houses in Orange County. It seemed they didn’t exist and when talking to brokers or owners on working out a creative deal they pretty much laughed. I also pursued HUD housing but it seemed the only ones I could actually have any chance at were way out in San Bernadino area. I am little discouraged but not giving up yet, but I really would like to here from some others who have had some success in Orange County.
eagerly waiting your reply.

Re: no money down /Orange County-So.Calif. - Posted by Tim Conde

Posted by Tim Conde on March 06, 2000 at 13:33:02:

What is wrong with the San Berdo area? I own a lot of houses there. San Berdo, Fontana, Rialto, even Ontario, and Riverside are great for no money down investing. If you are expecting to find super-desirable houses with motivated sellers, you are wasting your time. No money down deals come from motivated sellers in areas where “conventional” sales may not work. All of the courses teach you to be “creative” in your thinking. Start thinking about making money and don’t be so concerned about where you empire is located. Money that comes from Fontana is just as green…


Re: no money down /Orange County-So.Calif. - Posted by sassylassy

Posted by sassylassy on March 25, 2001 at 06:20:56:

You go TIM!!! Tell the truth!! The money is just as green! Speaking of green has anyone thought of coming up the hill 18 miles to the High Desert the market is turning around real fast since fall of 2000 and its catching speed as of early 2001 and shows no signs of slowing down…therefore great buys and now finally you can ‘rent out for a profit’ first time in almost 10 years the high desert is just waking up like sleeping beauty and there are a lot of “fantastic” deals springing up( for spring of 2001)excuse the pun…So quit trying to mine gold where there is no more gold to be had! Seek your riches in the hills of the high desert its only 40 minutes from Yorba Linda to the High Desert( I know all my relatives still live in Orange County) and I am from Fullerton born and raised…Have invested in OC Riverside, san Bernardino and San Diego(back door areas like Rainbow,Mira Mar etc)The high desert has outstanding newer homes on 1/2 acre lots 3b/2b/den 8-10 years and newer all below yes pay attention…BELOW 100k IN TURN KEY CONDITION AND THE RENTERS ARE FIGHTING TO GET THE RENT MONEY IN YOUR HANDS! My personal choice is to wrap and flip because I used to be a landlord and I finally took the hint to QUIT WHEN I WAS SHOT AT AND THE BULLET MISSED ME AND LODGED IN MY CAR’S BUMPER…Long story and a horrible nightmare situation! the person doing the shooting was among 37 other people in my property running an interstate illegal car stealing ring(2nd largest in the So Ca region) at least that’s what the Sheriff and FBI told me later…So I am partial to buy and fix and flip! can you blame me? That’s just me! there are outstanding(honest still) management companies that do a good job up here and would appreciate the business and would charge fair fees in fact some are workaholics! I have individuals that work for way below contractor’s rates to clean and paint and minor fix up for good rates and they too are honest and appreciate the business also! So far the people up here in the High desert are still very nice, wholesome and honest individuals! As ffor this area of So CA …this is the newer ‘goldmines’ of for the next few months (years?)
Hey I can get you info and show the ‘steals’ or just talkie to me I am here to help anyone and everyone that has questions or needs to hear some ‘war stories’ or the big deal that got away! I have been on both sides of the game Agent/broker worked residential HUD’s VA’s Bank Repos created a portfolio with “real” nothing down deals in the 80’s (ah the good old days before IRS and 1985 axes hit)also worked mortgages,refi’s, commercial, residential, and owned 1% buyer’s broker company so I am a veteran of many battles and have seen a lot of changes and sucesses too! Never get discouraged but at least lead your donkey to where the ‘gold’ is don’t wnader in the ‘stripped areas’ of LA and OC counties they were tapped way back in the early 80’s and they are now untouchable to the average investor now so move up the Cajon Pass to the ‘new gold strike’ OK everyone…Good hunting for the win win deals they are still out here!! Remember the fun is in the journey and life is the journey…Enjoy we all get one chance to follow our dreams and meet our challenges! Talkie Talkie to me OK?
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