Note lead sites - Posted by Greg Morris

Posted by Sharon Lowery on March 07, 2007 at 01:10:34:

I am looking for some leads on SFR about 6 to 12 months seasoned. How do you get your Leads? Will the list that I buy been sold before? What are your prices for the Leads?

Note lead sites - Posted by Greg Morris

Posted by Greg Morris on February 13, 2007 at 21:39:51:

Does anyone know of some good note leads sites to purchase leads from.

I have heard some negative stuff about some of the sites.

Does anyone know anything about ??

I have never used them and I wonder if anyone has experience with them??

Re: Note lead sites - Posted by Dario

Posted by Dario on February 13, 2007 at 23:18:56:

The top three right now, it seems, from what I have heard from other note brokes seem to be:

  1. Market Share (

  2. Data Quick (

  3. Fidelity National Information Solutions

I don’t know about and their services or what their leads are like, but their price per lead seems to be very expensive as compared to the others.

You should also realize that those leads they will try to sell you will have already been circulated to God knows how many other note brokers for God knows how many other times.

It would be a much more cost efficient and effective direct mail campaign to send, say, 500-1,000 letters/postcards to professional refferal sources in your area like, attorneys, accountants, title companies, tax prepairers, financial planers, bankers, business brokers and any other professional referral source that will come into regular contact with someone who is holding a note and is in need of a lump sum of cash (Tax season can be a great time to find motivated sellers of cash flows!). Also, be sure to offer to pay a referral fee for notes you purchase that they refer to you but emphasize to them, not the fee you’ll pay them, rather that your services can help them look good in the eyes of their client!

If you still want to purchase the leads you should ask a lot of questions before spending lots of money. Find out if you are getting “fresh” leads (not more than 6-12 months tops). Has the list been sold before? How do they get their leads? What their prices are, etc…

Good luck


Re: Note lead sites - Posted by Carolyn Covington

Posted by Carolyn Covington on May 11, 2007 at 12:38:54:

I noticed you had our web site wrong. If you would like more information on Fidelity’s seller carrybacks, please feel free to contact me directly.