Now what to do with this deal??? (read me) - Posted by Curtis (sdcia)

Posted by Curtis (sdcia) on April 23, 2000 at 01:19:31:

O.K. I just bought a property for 135- with a FMV of about 160, I can do a non owner occ. with 10% down and agreed to a 30 day escrow.
The seller has an assumable 7.25% variable from washington mutual, and owen 80,000. She seems pretty open minded to different ideas does anyone have any Ideas on things to do. I can always rent it and take the appreciation in 6-12 months as long as this crazy market keeps going up. How can I do different financing??? What are some good exit strategies or should I keep it because it is a great little property and needs no work.

Thanks Curtis

P.S. She has to do a 10/31 exchange and has yet to pick out her new place.