Numbers... - Posted by John

Posted by John on March 14, 2002 at 18:17:56:

Hi all,

well the guy from my previous post called me and asked if I still wanted to see the property…I said sure… (15 second walk from here :-)) ) He’s asking 418.000 FMV is 365.000 - free and clear.

Anycase this is what I plan on offering.

Purchase price 375000

Option consideration? Small as possible Max 500

Rent 1200/mo with 50% credit

Term 4 + 1 + 1 years

I’ll take care of maintenance and repairs up to 250 any given month (house is 4 years old)

Payments to start when I get a T/B’er.

Will sell for:

Price 400.000

Option consideration 25.000 (might lower to 15.000 if warranted - ie: cash in hand.)

Rent 1420/mo with 25% credit (i’m too nice I know)

Term 2 + 1

Guess who pays up to 250 for maintenance and repairs in any given month? :slight_smile:

Let’s see if he’ll play ball - if not I’ll talk the one that really counts - his pregnant wife…

While I’m at it:Joe Kaiser…great to see your back and kickin’ butt. Hope someone more will follow - we need y’all here!

JohnBoy: thanks - great posts and co. Was hoping to meet you in Atlanta - 'twas not to be - unless I wanted an extra hole in my head… :slight_smile: maybe in 2003.