O.K. - maybe I'm dense (or, it's late!) - Posted by Tim (CT)

Posted by Ronald * Starr on August 24, 2001 at 22:11:37:


I don’t have either course nor know anything about them. But, if I were in your shoes, I’d run a search on the archive with their names, one at a time. I’d expect to soon know the names of their courses that talk about “Sj to.”

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O.K. - maybe I’m dense (or, it’s late!) - Posted by Tim (CT)

Posted by Tim (CT) on August 24, 2001 at 20:40:03:

I’m in the process of trying to find a good ‘subject to’ course. I’ve narrowed it down to either Louis Brown’s course or the ‘ABC’s of subject to’ course. The problem is I go to their website and they’ve got a whole bunch of different types of courses and I can’t tell, by the brief descriptions they’ve got, which course deals with aquiring properties via a ‘subject to’ technique. Obviously, the courses are there. But, I just can’t seem to find out which ones they are.

I’m sorry. I know this is lame (and, I’m a computer programmer (and, a pretty good one at that)). But, I just can’t find it. Anybody have any idea which courses of theirs to compare?

Any comments are appreciated.

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Posted by Bill Gatten on August 26, 2001 at 17:38:16:

Whatever you do, I’d suggest getting one that shows you how to take properties subject-to without violating the lender’s due on sale clause, rather just secretly skirting it and hoping you’re never found out.

I understand there’s one course out there that shows you how to take a property subject-to and never have to worry about the other parties liens, creditor judgments, tax liens, bankruptcies, divorce litigation, lawsuits, Probate etc. And too, the course I’m thinking of (can’t remember the name) shows you how to transfer all benefits of ownership including tax write-off without transferring title: therefore avoiding the risk of Equity claims when evicting an errant tenant.

Perhaps Bud Branstetter, JohnBoy, David Alexander, Marty Weisberg, Jim Pasquini, Bill Mc Kee or Glen Van Ausdahl, Bill Young, Stacy (Az), …all posters here might remember the name of the course.

Bill Gatten

Re: O.K. - maybe I’m dense (or, it’s late!) - Posted by Grayl Az

Posted by Grayl Az on August 24, 2001 at 22:47:26:

I’ve got the ABC’s of subject to. In a word “Magnificent” I think they have changed the name to “Make money while you sleep” or something like that. Very thorough & very detailed. It’s the one for $699 & well worth it. Hope this helps, Grayl Az