# of people allowed to share house - Posted by Robert MI

Posted by SusanL.–FL on February 27, 2001 at 09:09:48:


Live and learn, I always say!!

of people allowed to share house - Posted by Robert MI

Posted by Robert MI on February 26, 2001 at 14:29:09:

Is there any rules or laws that designate how many people are allowed to share a 2 bedroom 1 bth rental. Especially the number and gender of children.

I have a family that wants to rent a 2bd 1bth (husband, wife, 4yr old son, 2yr old son, and 10 mth old girl.)

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Posted by George on February 27, 2001 at 21:14:48:

Depends on the zoning. Something like 120-140 SF per occ. Check statutes.

A lot of wear and tear occurs when you put many people in a small space. I have five kids who were all homeschooled. Until they got older, they trashed every house we were in. Too many kids, not enough room.

HUD would require separate bedrooms by gender (NT) - Posted by David Krulac

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They might all fit… - Posted by SusanL.–FL

Posted by SusanL.–FL on February 26, 2001 at 15:16:34:

but if you have any doubts and REALLY would rather not have that many people in a two bedroom, maybe say something like: “Gee, I’m sorry but it’s only a two bedroom and I don’t have any three bedrooms available at this time.”

My kind-hearted husband was bowled over by two VERY aggressive women–one of which wanted to rent our 3/1 for her family. Unfortunately, Kenny didn’t think to ask how LARGE their family was.

It turned out that they had FOUR children–and they weren’t little children either… :frowning:

The story gets better. He turned the keys over to them BEFORE I had screened them, BEFORE I had received all of their security deposit$, BEFORE I had gotten a copy of their driver’s licenses and their social security cards [which they refused to provide once they were in], and BEFORE they had turned on the water in their own names. (That also took them about 2 months.)

It gets even better: Right after they moved in, I got a call from one of the neighbors saying that the renter’s kids were on my roof!

Not long after that, the wife threw the husband out on his butt. By then I had begun to do more than my share of Hail Mary’s – HOPING that I would get the next rent check.


By the time they eventually moved out (BECAUSE I wouldn’t convert my garage into another bedroom for them), they had annihalated all of the screens, the bathroom sink was plugged up with rocks, and the toilet didn’t work. (It was an LONG list of repairs.)

Now–one of my FIRST questions is, how many hooligans (I mean CHILDREN!) do you have.

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Posted by Nate on February 26, 2001 at 15:11:35:

That would be regulated entirely by your local zoning or occupancy codes, if there are any. It varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

The other question is whether you WANT 5 people living in your 2BR rental. It sure puts more wear and tear on the place, not to mention higher utility bills…

fidgeting kids… - Posted by SusanL.–FL

Posted by SusanL.–FL on February 28, 2001 at 08:14:17:

…and not enuf room.

I KNOW what you mean! Seems like MINE is always fiddlin’ with things too—until he BREAKS something.

I swear—I should have stock in Superglue! As a matter of fact, I keep a tube of it hidden in my medicine cabinet, along with a set of miniature screw drivers for repairs.

He is mechanically inclined BUT doesn’t know when to quit and leave something alone.

P.S. God bless ya for having the patience to homeschool five children…

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Posted by Mark (WV) on February 27, 2001 at 18:38:12:

as always Susan you can take something that I would kill someone over and get me laughing tears,don’t ever stop

Mark WV

Re: They might all fit… - Posted by evelyn (FL)

Posted by evelyn (FL) on February 26, 2001 at 17:20:51:

Susan, sounds like you had quite a fiasco with the hooligans and their momma. Did you do your wifely duties and scold your husband and send him to the time-out corner!!! LOL…but I’m sure YOU weren’t LOL at the time!!!