OK, I got a signed title... - Posted by Steve Carlson

Posted by Ernest Tew on June 08, 2000 at 05:21:26:

I’m not familiar with the laws in Texas. Since you have already given the seller some money and he has given you the title, you may want to transfer it into your name in order to protect your interests. Look at the title to see if the seller’s name has to be notarized. Or, talk to the people at the state office where titles are registered. They will be able to give you more information about state requirements.

You could then tell the seller that you will have to deduct the lot rent that is due and pay him the balance.

It’s important to maintain a good rapport with the park manager. Otherwise, they can give you a lot of grief.

OK, I got a signed title… - Posted by Steve Carlson

Posted by Steve Carlson on June 07, 2000 at 23:51:40:

Now What? I?ve been in the SFR biz for a while but I thought I?d see how the MH biz works. We started advertising for MH?s and low and behold a motivated seller calls and the deal is too good to pass up. Problems ahead (I think) – the Park Manager is a JERK. He insists that I pay sellers 2 months back lot rent or he will have the MH moved. I think he?s bluffing but I?m not sure what problems he can cause if I do not play his games.

The real neat thing about this is that the seller has never signed the title. The person he bought it from did sign but the guy I?m buying from never did transfer or record. The seller just gave the title to me today after I paid him some ?ernest money?; the rest is due later (tomorrow) when I figure out what to do. How do I get all this straightened out? Do I go to the DMV and transfer into my name or will I have to get in touch with the previous seller and have stuff notarized?

If you need to know for legal/procedural purposes, I?m in Texas.

Thanks for ANY help!
Steve Carlson

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Posted by Carey_PA on June 08, 2000 at 17:37:44:


I’m not sure about your Texas laws either but in PA. the title has to be notoraized where the seller signs,etc.

and as far as the Park Manager…make nice with him lol be his buddy, and heck how much are u getting the home for??? is it worth losing the deal/home if you DON’T pay the back lot rent. I’m sure you can work something out with the back lot rent with either the seller or the park manager…do some negotiating!

Hope this helps a little,