OK now what??????? - Posted by Jerry --PA

Posted by Arlie Anderson on May 30, 2000 at 11:14:13:

Does your realtor finance his comission and how did you find him? Does he own investment property and does he have any friends in the same shoes that is ont totally against these starter courses. All realtors that I have met do not like these courses because they take away their jobs and it gas been very difficult in cutthroat SoCal to get these guys to work with me. I will keep looking but I do find it difficult to tell what my status is for fear that they will not want to listen to me now and then in the future not want to let me present my deal to the seller face-to-face. Please advise

OK now what??? - Posted by Jerry --PA

Posted by Jerry --PA on May 25, 2000 at 16:34:46:

I’ve seen CS on TV I’ve heard of Robert Shemin, I’ve looked at the content of all of the courses offered at creonline, from LeGrand to Bonchick and back. I have already struck out with real estate investment associations (there are none in my area (Hanover PA)). My question is where do I start. I am totally new to real estate investing and would really like to get started, but which course or courses do all of you recommend for someone who has a lot of ambition but no real estate knowledge(yet). All of you have been in my shoes, how do I get started? Thank you all in advance.

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Posted by Jim on May 26, 2000 at 01:16:03:

You are at the same place I was a few years ago. Two things you need to get started. Some basic education and a willingness to go find that first deal. Carleton is a good place.
Myself I bought books and read everything about doing RE deals I could find (mostly from used book stores). My first deal was to find a vacant parcal of 5 acres for someone, from a large nearby city(he advertized in our local paper). He wanted to move here and build a house and plant some grapes (for a finders fee of $3,000). With that money I paid some bills and bought my first course (Givens). Took $500 I had left and put it with a Realtor and went after REOs (bank owned property- fixers) to wholesale to rehabers and haven’t looked back!
Since that time I now bought over 50 books, 9 courses (after returning 2) and attended countless seminars on Real Estate Investing (no REIA in my area, either). In my observation, most all the creditable teachers have something to contribute. The more I learn the more I earn! I still read and listen to anything new I can find. You never know when that little light will go off in you mind and you’ve just now added a new angle to your Pre-Foreclosure strategies or a new twist to defaulted paper buying or a better way to find that next seller.
Read through the postings here. Do some searches and see if this might help you with your decision.

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Posted by matt on May 28, 2000 at 14:28:18:

Which courses are the best? I too am just starting out and would love to know what’s the best and which two courses you returned. Also, $500. to a realtor for Reo’s? Do they look for forclosures and REO’s for you? I thought you had to go threw the banks for that, which I’ve found to be very diff.

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Posted by Jim on May 29, 2000 at 05:14:55:

I go after Foreclosures and Pre-Foreclosures, my Realtor makes the offers for REOs for me. Your right, dealing with banks IS hard. That’s why I let my Realtor have the headaches for a chumpy 3% commission.